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  1. Small Space Gardening Tips & Tricks

    Small Space Gardening Landscape

    Don’t let cramped apartments, downsized yards, or rented homes keep you from growing the garden of your dreams! There are an abundant amount of ways that you can achieve being an urban gardener without a vast amount of planting space. 

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  2. Small Space Gardening Must Have: PopUp Garden

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    Save Space & Garden Everywhere with a Deluxe PopUp Garden! Vertical gardening and growing in a small footprint is all the rage, and sometimes a necessity! Not everyone has expansive yards and large gardens to grow in. Sometimes you might just have

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  3. Less Room, More Plants With Small Space Gardening

    Plants On A Balcony

    In today’s urban yards and postage stamp lots, it can be difficult to have the garden and landscaping you desire! You won’t even need a patch of earth to plant in with today’s downsized options! 

    A porch, patio or even a bal

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  4. Our Top 5 Favorite Weigela Shrubs!

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    Smothered in drifts of trumpet-shaped blooms, Weigela Shrubs come in a wide variety of foliage and flower colors, are easy to grow, and are beneficial

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