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  1. Check Your Roses Please

    rose foliage in the late fall

    You overwintered your roses.  You cut back your roses this spring before they started to grow.  The new growth is pushing out, and the foliage looks great. 

    Bam…. that is just the time that bugs start to eat that clean, beautiful foliage.  Get o

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  2. Hellebores: One of the Earliest Flowering Perennials!

    large blog header

    Need to jump into spring before the snows recede? Well, let Nature Hills Nursery introduce you to the Hellebore!

    Shy nodding blooms

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  3. 7 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

    Late autumn garden

    As the temperature drops and the days grow shorter, the growing season for plants this year is beginning to wrap up. Plants are starting to go dormant and are preparing for winter. There is still time before the first freeze for you to prepare your garden

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  4. #ProPlantTips for Care - A Pruning Guide for the Year!

    Pruning Header

    Pruning is a vital part of caring for your landscape plants. But when do you prune … everything? 

    Certain plants need certain types of pruning at specific times of the year in order to grow, bloom, fruit and look their very best. Determining w

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  5. Dear Plants, We're Thankful For You!

    Girl smiling in garden with dog

    This Thanksgiving, we've decided to have a little fun! Shopping at means dreaming about, selecting, growing and loving on beautiful plants of all shapes, sizes and "superpowers".

    Since 2001, we've shipped high-quality landscape

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  6. Floral Designing for Containers & Arrangements With Style!

    Floral Arrangements #ProPlantTips

    It’s not just bouquets anymore! Basic floral design elements extend themselves into container plant design and landscaping as well! Whether you’re designing a window box, a pretty arrangement for your dining table, or a porch planter, all use the sam

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  7. Advice For Overwintering Your Roses

    Most people cover their roses for the winter too early.  Wait until your rose plants have been exposed to several killing frosts and some good colder weather to help them go dormant BEFORE covering if winter protection is needed in your area.

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  8. Planting & Transplanting Roses

    Yellow Roses

    Planting rose bushes in a garden is easy to do, and has many rewards as these beautiful plants bloom.

    The first step to planting rose bushes is preparing the site. Roses prefer partial sunlight, and should be shaded from the hot afternoon sunlight. The site should have a slightly acidic soil content, and a heavy clay loam is ideal, but they will grow in nearly any soil condition.

    The second step to planting rose bushes is to prepare the plant itself. Most rose bushes, when purchased, will be pruned prior to purchase. If not, it is best to cut back the stalks of bedding roses to about six inches, and the climbers to about eighteen inches. Planting rose bushes that have dried out can be detrimental to the health of the plant. Dried out plants should be moistened slightly before planting.

    The third step to planting rose bushes is the actual planting. Planting rose bushes should usually

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  9. Create a Meditation Garden!

    meditation garden

    Many homeowners focus on beautiful outdoor spaces specifically for entertaining, which may include a pool area, eating, and bar areas set in incredible outdoor kitchens complete with plumbing, cooking, and lighting.

    But what about creating a garden

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  10. Perfect Plants For Poolside Plantings!

    flowers by pool

    Everyone loves diving into a pool in the middle of summer, but having plants around your poolside seating and entertaining areas makes it that much more enjoyable, shadier, and private!

    Whether you choose to put these poolside plants in pots and

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