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  1. Top Picks - Delightfully Fragrant Rose Varieties!

    Rose image Top 5 Most Fragrant Roses

    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare

    Rose lovers the world over know that Roses are far more than just beautiful flowers. The scent of roses can transform a drab day into

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  2. Great Shrub Alternatives for High-Maintenance Favorites!


    We love it when things are easy to care for! That goes for our landscaping as well!

    Ditch the fussy, high-maintenance shrubs that need constant shearing, pruning, fertilizing, spraying … and worrying! There’s so much more out there that’s avail

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  3. What Is & Isn't Black Spot Disease (& What to do if It Is!)

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    Roses have long been thought to be fussy and fastidious but in reality, it's just a handful of reasons why old-fashioned Rose bushes earned this reputation! After all, Wild Roses grow and ramble through ditches alongside the road, and many old farmsteads

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  4. The Victorian Language of Flowers!


    Those Victorians and their elegant ways have worked their magic into nearly every facet of our literature, art, and lives no matter how modern we think we are!

    There’s a simple sophistication and dignity in that time that helps us to relax from o

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  5. Top Flowering Plants To Help Pollinators

    Bee Pollinating Flowers

    It’s Pollinator Week everybody! And that means it’s an impeccable time to cover the importance of pollination and name off a few favorite plants that prove to be excellent pollinators.

    Looking to make a f

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  6. What to Do in The Garden This Fall (And What Not To Do)


    Summer is wrapping up and the cooler nights are beginning to creep in! It’s t

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  7. History of the Rose for National Red Rose Day 2016

    shop roses Easy Elegance Paint the Town Rose

    National Red Rose Day is the perfect time to admire the rose for all of its wonderful qualities. This American holiday is celebrated every year on June 12. This is a fitting time of the season because rose bushes

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  8. Should You Remove Rose Hips

    closeup rose hips

    Roses are well known for their beauty, long-lasting blooms, and fragrance! Now that Autumn is around the corner - many types of Shrub Roses and

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  9. Re-thinking Fall Cleanup - Getting Your Garden Ready for Fall!

    Fall Garden Large Banner

    The air is getting cooler, the garden is winding down and a year's worth of leaves beaten and battered by storms and sun are ready for a long winter's rest. Falls leaves are brown now and ornamental grasses are turning tan, and flower heads turning into

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  10. Creating the Coziest Cottage Garden!

    cottage garden

    “With silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row.” - Mother Goose

    The classic Cottage Garden - Jam packed full of textures, colors, and flowers that bloom in succession. There may not seem to be rhyme or reason, but the

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