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  1. Simple Tricks to Make Blueberries Easy to Grow

    Boy Holding Blueberries

    We asked our Horticulture Team for their best Tips and Tricks for growing healthy, delicious, gorgeous Blueberries in a permaculture garden. People across the country can successfully grow these wonderful bushes. 

    There are 5 main growth

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  2. Pruning, Planting, and Fertilizing

    When it comes to your perennials and annuals, keep on dead heading to encourage fresh flowers to continue.  Annuals love additional liquid fertilizer keeping them blooming right up until frost. 

    In the cooler regions, it is time to

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  3. Pruning Hydrangeas

    hydrangea flower

    Pruning hydrangeas is easy to do, and will help in providing more blooms for the following growing season. Hydrangea pruning varies slightly from species to species, depending on when and where the plant will bloom. After the blooms have finished their

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  4. Pinching Back Plants


    Pinching back sounds like it would hurt doesn't it? Remember getting pinched when you were younger and it either meant you weren’t wearing green at St. Paddy’s day or meant you had done something to deserve it. Often it involved sore cheeks after you

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  5. Adapt Your Fruit Tree to Your Home Garden

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    The desire to grow fruit right in your own backyard has never been more popular than today! From food sustainability and accessibility reasons to organic lifestyle needs, and from expanding your fruit variety access to micro-homesteading trends, the ability

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  6. How to Keep Your Hostas Healthy and Happy!

    Planting Hosta

    If you are like us, you like collecting some of the dizzying arrays of different perennial Hosta plants for your yard. The diversity of size and color is endless and the new cultivars continue to be introduced every year.

    Keep your Hosta collection

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  7. How to Train Climbing Roses

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    Fast-growing, scented, and ruffled Climbing Roses set the stage for a romantic backyard getaway or delightful garden soirée with your friends and loved ones! Start setting the stage in your landscape with the huge selection of Climbing Roses for sale

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  8. Growing & Caring For Hibiscus Plants!

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    Tropical beauty and poolside décor standards, the gorgeous Hibiscus family features lush green foliage and those eye-catching colorful satellites that can pick up attention from miles away! The

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  9. Asters - The Butterfly-Magnet Your Garden Has Been Missing!

    Gorgeous native plants with clouds of frilly blooms and cheerful easy-going nature, the Aster may be an old-fashioned perennial but it’s been a garden standard for a hundred years for good reason!

    Also known as Michaelmas Daisy for their

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  10. All You Need to Know About Fertilizing a Fig Tree

    Large Banner Fig Tree

    Unique, healthful, decadent, and used as fashionable clothing in Biblical times. Figs have been a 'fig'ment of our collective imagination in literature, poetry, works of art and culinary uses for centuries!

    From its ornamental beauty and delicious

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