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  1. Five Essential Types of Tools for Spring Gardening

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    "Before the reward, there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy." - Ralph Ransom

    Once the temperatures warm after a long dreary winter, we gardeners burst outdoors to clean up and inspect all the

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  2. When to Prune Forsythia Shrubs & How to Keep Them Healthy!

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    Rays of sunshine and harbingers of spring, the golden-blooming Forsythia Bush is precisely what we all need to herald

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  3. Butterfly Bush Pruning

    Butterflybush Cut Down

    Pruning butterfly bushes is an integral part of maintaining these beautiful flowering shrubs. It is fairly easy to prune a butterfly bush, as they are very tough plants. Butterfly bushes will survive just about any level of pruning they are given at any

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  4. Everything You Need to Know About Growing Holly

    Boost the appearance of your landscape in an instant with the formal beauty of Holly bushes and trees! Set your landscape design up for long-term success with these durable and delightful plants!

    Read on to learn all the tips and tricks needed

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  5. What to Do in The Garden This Fall (And What Not To Do)


    Summer is wrapping up and the cooler nights are beginning to creep in! It’s t

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  6. Best Mock Oranges to Plant and How to Care for Them!

    Mock Orange Landscape

    Ultra fragrant, gleaming white blooms, Mock Orange Bushes are gorgeous flowering ornamentals! Count on these reliable, rounded plants to add spectacular features you'll appreciate for many years.

    Known as the Gardenias of the North, learn more

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  7. Caring For Tree Roses (And Get Them Ready for Winter)!

    rose tree

    Take everything you love about Roses and raise them to new heights by grafting them upon a strong, sturdy, and straight single-stem trunk, and these already iconic blooming shrubs become something otherworldly!

    But caring for these precious works

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  8. Everything You Need to Know About Currant Bushes!

    golden currant

    Unique and under-utilized fruiting shrubs, Currant bushes (Ribes) are native to North America, making them an ideal addition to many landscaping plans across the nation! You may see Current Berry bushes for sale under a variety of common names, such as

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  9. Best Potentilla Shrub Varieties & How to Care for Them!

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    Cheerful repeat blooms, fine-textured foliage and a low-growing fluffy form, the pretty Potentilla bush (Potentilla fruticosa), also known as Bush Cinquefoils, are native to the Northern Hemisphere and are deciduous flowering ornamental plants! Well-known

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  10. When Do I Prune My Roses?

    Roses And Clematis

    In this blog, you'll get expert how-to's on growing the biggest, prettiest roses possible. This really means taking the time to carefully prune your roses each year

    And we'll give you some inspiration, too. Take a look

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