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  1. #ProPlantTips: How to Grow & Train Clematis

    clematis close up purple

    Gorgeous, unearthly blooms, Clematis are vining flowering perennials that become smothered in colorful unusual blossoms and are reliable vertical ornamentals!

    So easy to grow, so beautiful, and so very useful in the landscape. Both deciduous and

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  2. How & When To Prune Raspberry & Blackberry Bushes

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    Whether it is to make jams and jelly, syrup, pies, and muffins, or just a handful on a bowl of breakfast cereal or in your smoothie, these delectable jewels right off the cane are a healthy fresh fruit that embodies summer itself! 

    The entire

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  3. #ProPlantTips - When to Prune Rose of Sharon!

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    Rose of Sharon shrubs resembles the offspring of a Hollyhock and a Hibiscus! Their maple-leaf shaped foliage confuses further, but these definite

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  4. #ProPlantTips: Pruning and Caring for Lilacs

    lilac header

    Like a breath of fresh air and the promise of warmer weather ahead, Lilacs are highly anticipated blooms each spring!

    These are some of our favorite flowering shrubs here at Nature Hills Nursery and our horticulturists want to help you know the

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  5. How To Prune Crape Myrtles Without Murdering Them

    Crape Murder

    Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia), sometimes spelled Crepe because of the crepe paper-like flowers, are incredible long-blooming plants that stand up to the summer heat! They’re deer-resistant, easy to grow and feature such incredible saturated color t

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  6. Pruning Rose Bushes

    Rose Buds

    Pruning rose bushes is an important step in the care of roses. Many gardeners do not understand fully the process of pruning rose bushes. Improper pruning can result in a weak plant, or one that will not bloom fully, if at all. Pruning roses is, despite

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  7. Best Natural, Informal Flowering Hedges!

    Hydrangea shrub landscape

    Not everything has to be straight rows. Nor does your landscape need to be filled with severely pruned and sheared straight lines.

    Sure, there is a place for formal, sheared hedges, or perfectly honed shrubs without a ‘hair’ out of place. Mos

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  8. Spring Pruning & What Shrubs to Leave Alone!

    Spring Pruning

    Spring is coming soon in southern areas and to the coasts. We wait as patiently as possible for it to work its way north from there.

    Upon your first spin around your yard in spring you will tend to take your pruning or hedge shears with you. The

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  9. High-Density Planting and Successive Ripening Tips

    Girl Holding Pruning Shears

    Harvest season is the real payoff from planting fruit trees and plants. Here are some easy tips for home gardeners interested in increasing their yields.

    Imagine a continuous stream of super-fresh fruit for an entire season! The secret is planting

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  10. Pruning Holly Plants: How to for Hedges, Foundation or Screening

    Holly Hedge

    Nature Hills offers many evergreen selections of Holly in many forms and sizes. Our nurseries grow many types because they are so desirable in the landscape. Beautiful pointed, serrate, and oak leaf types of foliage that stays on the plant year-round.

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