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  1. The Importance of Renewal Pruning

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    Renewal pruning is the absolute best way to rejuvenate older, overgrown shrubs, and also the best tool for maintaining healthy shrubs! This version of a plant ‘buzz cut’ is a much-needed refresher and a very important chore for maintaining and revitalizing a t

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  2. Pruning 101 from the Nature Hills Horticultural Team

    Pruned Tree

    The goal of pruning is to improve the overall health and usefulness of a plant:

    • Prune to correct broken or damaged branches.
    • Prune to remove diseased portions of a plant.
    • Prune to control the size and shape of a plant.
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  3. Everything You Need to Know About Privet Hedge Pruning!

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    Lush green, perfectly sheared, and shaped Privet hedges impart a regal, streamlined appearance to your landscape! So how do you achieve those beautiful green rows or high-style specimen topiaries for your yard without losing your cool?


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  4. The Complete Guide For Wisteria Care

    Blue Wisteria Vine

    If you've purchased or are perhaps considering purchasing one of the fantastic Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree, or maybe an

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  5. #ProPlantTips - Should You Prune in the Fall?


    Fall is here! While you are taking care of your Fall cleanup checklist, don’t skip an important garden chore that some plants require! Fall Pruning

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  6. Guide to Pruning Your Apricot Tree!

    Apricot Tree Large Tree

    Apricot trees are highly underrated as far as both fruit and ornamental flowering trees! But these trees offer gorgeous spring and summer flowers, lush emerald leaves, and deliciously healthy fruit. Add one to your property today and enjoy all the

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  7. Pruning a Peach Tree: When and How to Prune a Peach Tree (and Nectarine Trees too!)

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    Do you grow your own Peaches or Nectarines at home? If not you should give them a try. They are an easy and (pardon the pun) fruitful tree to grow. Peach

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  8. Pruning Blueberry Bushes - How and When To

    Blueberry Bush

    Blueberry bushes (Vaccinium) are enjoying a little renaissance in home gardening! You can readily find them in garden centers and edible landscapers

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  9. When to Prune Flowering Shrubs

    It is important to know when to prune your flowering shrubs, so you get the most flowers.   Timing your pruning is the key to success. 

    Many early spring flowering plants already made their flowers all hidden and tucked away in the growth from la

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  10. Clematis Pruning

    Pruning Clematis

    Clematis Plant pruning is the most important factor when considering how and when a clematis will bloom. Pruning clematis improperly will never kill the plant, however it will likely delay the bloom. Not pruning the plant at all will allow

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