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  1. #ProPlantTips for Care - A Pruning Guide for the Year!

    Pruning Header

    Pruning is a vital part of caring for your landscape plants. But when do you prune … everything? 

    Certain plants need certain types of pruning at specific times of the year in order to grow, bloom, fruit and look their very best. Determining w

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  2. How to Prune Cherry Trees for Best Fruit Production!

    Two Cherry Trees

    One of the primary problems faced by gardeners when growing Cherry Trees is that they do not understand how to prune them properly. Pruning Cherry Trees plays an important role in ensuring proper growth and fruit production.

    Before growing one,

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  3. Pruning & Trimming Apple Trees

    Large Banner Pruning Trees

    Apple tree pruning plays an important role in ensuring proper growth and fruit production, increasing fruit size, and increasing tree vigor. And, pruning encourages the tree to grow more during the growing season. Begin from the very first season after

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  4. Pruning Fruit Trees Creates Better Crops & Healthy Trees!

    Gardener Pruning a Pear Tree

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  5. Young Peach Tree Pruning Tips

    Prune peach trees in early spring for the largest fruit

    Gardeners often fall into one of two categories: either they LOVE pruning time every year ("It's cathartic!") or they HATE pruning time every year ("I think that tree can wait till next year.").

    Unfortunately, it is part of the deal when you plant

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  6. Pruning Pine Trees

    pine tree close up header

    Fragrant, sheltering and green all year long, Pine Trees add stupendous beauty to your landscape throughout the year! So it’s important to keep them healthy and l

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  7. How to Grow a Hedge & More With Holly

    holly close up

    Bring joy to your yard with Holly! Rediscover the joys of traditional plantings to beef up the look of your landscaping! They easily become an integral part of your garden design as fences, hardscapes, and sculptural living statues!

    Holly are

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  8. The Importance of Renewal Pruning

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    Renewal pruning is the absolute best way to rejuvenate older, overgrown shrubs, and also the best tool for maintaining healthy shrubs! This version of a plant ‘buzz cut’ is a much-needed refresher and a very important chore for maintaining and revitalizing a t

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  9. Pruning Hibiscus

    hibiscus in bloom

    Pruning hibiscus is not normally needed for the hardy hibiscus. Actually, these plants are herbaceous perennials, meaning their tops die down to the ground each winter, but new shoots will come roaring back into lush growth when soils warm the following

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  10. #ProPlantTips: How to Prune Hydrangeas

    pruning a hydrangea paniculata

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