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  1. #ProPlantTips: How to Plant Ornamental Grass!

    Ornamental grass landscape

    Ornamental Grasses are gorgeous living columns of waving beauty and graceful texture that are a must-have element to any sun landscape! These can be long-lived perennial grasses, so making sure they are planted correctly is a necessity to get them growing

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  2. Landscaping With Ornamental Grasses

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    Imagine a garden of flowing, swaying, undulating plants that respond to the slightest breeze! Your garden should be as much about motion and texture as it is color and fragrance! So when you are designing your garden beds and landscape, don’t leave o

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  3. 7 Popular Ornamental Grass Types!

    Fountain Grass Landscape

    Graceful flowing and cascading perennials, Ornamental Grasses are must-haves for the garden and there’s a Grass for any sized garden and any soil type! They add sound and motion, creating white noise that helps block unwanted sound while screening off u

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  4. Ornamental Grasses: To Cut or Not To Cut?

    Ornamental Grass

    It’s fall clean-up time and you may be eyeing your landscape in search of what to trim back next. That’s when the waving plumes of you

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  5. What Are Warm Season And Cool Season Grasses?

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    It’s almost spring, and already some plants are breaking dormancy in the warmer growing zones and mild winter climates. Just like there are morning people, and then the rest of us, plants have their own timeline on when they are ready to shake off their s

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  6. 5 Plants That Are Hard To Kill

    We know that not everyone is cut out for being a master gardener; even a few of us at Nature Hills struggle to keep our plants alive! We know-- how embarrassing. 

    If you’re a beginner gardener, seem to almost always forget to water your p

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  7. Perennials to Plant for Fall Color Every Year!

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    There are so many perennial plants that show off incredible fall color, colorful autumn berries - and even late-season blooms - right up until a hard frost! Fall planting season is upon us now, so don’t let another year slip past you! 

    Plant t

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  8. Re-thinking Fall Cleanup - Getting Your Garden Ready for Fall!

    Fall Garden Large Banner

    The air is getting cooler, the garden is winding down and a year's worth of leaves beaten and battered by storms and sun are ready for a long winter's rest. Falls leaves are brown now and ornamental grasses are turning tan, and flower heads turning into

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  9. Deer Resistant Plants For The East

    Deer eating grass in yard

    If you live in the Eastern growing zones and seem to be in a constant battle with your backyard deer, we have the perfect plants for you to add to your landscape-- specifically the perfect deer resistant plants. Gone are the days of peeled off tree bark,

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  10. 7 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

    Late autumn garden

    As the temperature drops and the days grow shorter, the growing season for plants this year is beginning to wrap up. Plants are starting to go dormant and are preparing for winter. There is still time before the first freeze for you to prepare your garden

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