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  1. How To Care For A Ginkgo Tree

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    Ginkgo trees (Ginkgo biloba) are survivors from prehistoric times, making them one of the most unique tree species available. These deciduous trees could be considered a 'living fossil' since the earliest Ginkgo leaf fossils date back 270 million years

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  2. Top 5 Trees For Fall Color

    fall color tree in front of house

    You can feel it in the newly established crisp air and see it on porches in every neighborhood-- the fall season has arrived. From pumpkins galore aesthetically placed on steps to picking your very own apples for a homemade cider recipe, fall is full

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  3. Top Ten Interesting and Unique Trees

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    We at Nature Hills love trees! Trees of every shape, size, and form, every flower color and leaf shape. But it’s hard not to love the new and unusual varieties just a bit more! Those trees that you just don’t see very often in peoples yards.

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  4. Top 5 Trees to Make Your Neighbors Jealous!


    We often get asked about "statement" plants and specimen trees - anything that will have that high-impact wow factor on your home's curb appeal. There are plants that add some "oomph" to your garden, spice things up, or refresh a tired landscape - and

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  5. The Best of Fall Colored Foliage

    Family In Fall Foliage

    Spooky Jack-O-Lanterns, a cup of fresh hot apple cider, and a few fuzzy scarves are all signs that the fall season has officially arrived in your neighborhood. But the most admired favorites are the burnt orange, light brown, and velvet red foliages that

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  6. Everything You Need to Know About Street Trees!

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    The Boulevard! Defined by its overlapping canopy of high-arching tree limbs that cool and shade your drive. Enveloping you in class as you drive down the shaded living tunnel they create. Once great street trees like Elms, Maples, Oaks, and Sycamores

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  7. 5 Unique Native Plants to the Northwest United States

    Northwest USA

    Like the stunning landscapes found in the Northwest United States, the native plants found in that region of the country are unique and intriguing. Native plants are defined as plants that have been established in a given area for hundreds of

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  8. Top 5 Trees That Shrug Off Pollution!

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    Trees in urban areas have to deal with a lot of tricky conditions. Poor acidic soil, tight spaces, depleted and compacted soil, and light all day and streetlights at night. But there is one thing you may not think of that your tree has to contend

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  9. Shade Trees: Using Plants to Cool Your World

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    The summer sun can take its toll on you, your home's cooling costs and on your landscape! How can you fix it without moving someplace colder?

    Plant Trees!

    “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they s

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  10. The Pros and Cons of Male, Female, and Sterile Trees

    apple tree flower blossoms

    Trees with seeds and fruit have their benefits - and problems - that go along with them. Luckily, there are so many options available these days that it can be confusing when hearing all the various terminology that goes with plant options.


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