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  1. Growing Amazing Fruit: Techniques for Success

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  2. How To Protect Plants During The Winter

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    Winter is upon many of us and our gardens are already asleep until spring. However, those in mid-range states and warmer climates still have to worry about the encroaching cold. When extreme swings or unusual cold in otherwise warmer climes is not the

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  3. When to Prune Forsythia Shrubs & How to Keep Them Healthy!

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    Rays of sunshine and harbingers of spring, the golden-blooming Forsythia Bush is precisely what we all need to herald

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  4. Top 3 Garden Trends to Know for 2022

    The new year is here and you must be so excited for everything that 2022 holds! Before you know it, spring will be in full swing and you’ll be enjoying the prime gardening season. 

    While you’re reflecting on

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  5. How to Prune and Train Espalier Fruit Trees

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    Tips to Prune and Train Espalier Fruit Trees

    It's fun to grow healthy homegrown fruit on a sturdy trellis. The ancient technique called Espalier allows for a full harvest in a small space planting.

    Espalier is now being done

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  6. Yes, You Can Grow Fruit Trees in a Small Yard

    Apple Espalier

    In today’s health conscious and Instagram-ready world, the desire to grow fresh fruit and vegetables has never been greater. We’ve seen the beautiful photos of the carefully grown crops after harvest, and we want that same benefit for ourselves, our

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  7. Your Plants Need Water, But Not Too Much!

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    Did you know you can kill some plants just as easily from too much water as not enough water? It’s one of the more common mistakes for new gardeners!

    The confusing t

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  8. Protecting You, Your Plants, Your House and The World


    Nature Hills Nursery is committed to ensuring you and your purchase, your home, and the environment are protected every step of the way!

    Nature Hills is working with the 48 states that we ship to, that way we are only shipping plants that comply

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  9. Five Astounding Native Plants for the Southwestern United States

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    With the arid environment that characterizes the Southwestern United States, plants must evolve to withstand the brutal summer heat. These plants have developed to seek out and thrive in environments that would otherwise be inhospitable.


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  10. Witch Hazel- The Shrub That You Didn't Know You Needed

    witch hazel

    Late blooming (or is it very early?) Witch Hazels support beneficial pollinators and add interest to your landscape when very few other plants are flowering!

    If you're ever disappointed that after the last flush of flowers in the fall, very little

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