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  1. Solutions for the Top 6 Diseases and Pests of Home Grown Citrus

    Rat Damaged Pixie Mandarin

    Growing Citrus trees at home is such a rewarding experience. Your family and friends will delight in the fragrance and taste of healthy, home grown fruit.

    However, to be successful requires that you monitor your plants for signs of pests

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  2. Dwarf Citrus Tree: A Perfect Accent for Your Baby's Room

    Indoor Citrus Tree

    Gearing up the nursery involves a lot of tough choices. After all, you and your baby will be spending a lot of time in there. You want it to be as healthy as possible for your little one, but also comfortable and decorative. There's no better way

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  3. When Will My Fruit Be Ready to Harvest?

    picking fruit off the bush header

    This time of year in warmer climates, you may be already harvesting some fruit and vegetables from the garden! Those of us in cooler climates are still waiting with bated breath for those Strawberries to ripen, but maybe enjoying the first salads and

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  4. Bringing Citrus Trees Indoors

    orange tree inside for the winter

    Watch our "Fruit Whisperer", as Ed Laivo, one of America's top fruit tree experts, answers Jill Winger's question on how to best care for her new Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree during the winter.

    Planting, Managing Pests, Making the Move, Fertilizing

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  5. Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Keep Indoor Plants Healthy

    LED Grow Light on Plants

    Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are a huge boon for both ambient room lights and for growing plants indoors. LED light fixtures are extremely efficient and wind up saving you some serious money over their lifetime.

    Baby your indoor plants with

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  6. Move Citrus Indoors for the Winter

    As temperatures begin to get cooler and the days get shorter, all citrus grown in cold climates need to be prepared to be brought in for the winter. This routine needs to be gradual to ensure that the plant does not get shocked by too quick a climate

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  7. Indoor Plant Care During Winter

    indoor plants

    Short days and cloudy weather are always hard on houseplants because of the lack of light, throw in some drier indoor air, drafts, and heaters, and your houseplants can start to look a little tired by this time of the year!

    Keep those plants looking

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  8. Top 5 Most Fragrant Trees

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    The wafting sweet and fruity fragrances from the petals of trees and shrubs add an extra level of enjoyment to your landscape. It's just one of the unseen, but profoundly felt, finishing touches a well-planned garden strives for! While plants use scent

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  9. Bring the Gardening Inside With Houseplants

    Blog Header of Houseplants

    Throughout the dreary winter months, it’s often disheartening for gardeners when frost and snows arrive - so keep it going indoors!

    The best part about introducing

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  10. Fruit Trees to Plant for an August Harvest

    Fruit Trees Blog Large Banner

    The last days of summer for many parts of the country, August can be a mix of hot summer-like days and cool nights. Cicadas and grasshoppers buzz, butterflies and bees are in full swing, and many of your flowers have taken a break from blooming in the

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