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  1. Less Room, More Plants With Small Space Gardening

    Plants On A Balcony

    In today’s urban yards and postage stamp lots, it can be difficult to have the garden and landscaping you desire! You won’t even need a patch of earth to plant in with today’s downsized options! 

    A porch, patio or even a bal

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  2. Best Fruit Trees for Making Wine (And Other Drinks)!

    large blog header

    "When life gives you lemons…"

    Have a windfall of fruit or a large harvest? Maybe you had a hail storm this summer that scarred up your harvest. Or many of your fruits just look 'ugly' and no one can bring themselves t

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  3. Love Letters To Our Most Beloved Plants

    love letter to plants

    It’s true, nature is a hopeless romantic at heart. 

    From heart-shaped petals to classic roses, the timeless beauty of nature has long left us captivated by cupid’s favorite color pal

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  4. Five Essential Types of Tools for Spring Gardening

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    "Before the reward, there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy." - Ralph Ransom

    Once the temperatures warm after a long dreary winter, we gardeners burst outdoors to clean up and inspect all the

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  5. Navitar vs. Native: What's the difference?

    magnus purple coneflower

    Gardeners everywhere walk the fine line between wanting native, hardy plants and that flashy new and improved variety that’s hot in the stores. It can be a hard choice when really we just want them all, even if we don’t know exactly where we’re going

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  6. Winter Landscape: Brown Is a Color Too …

    Brown is a color too blog banner

    For many parts of the country, winter can seem bleak or boring and well ... brown. But remember… brown is a color too! When looking at your plants beneath drifts of snow, you can forget that brown is one of our favorite colors! And there are so many d

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    Bare root still good to ship until mid-June.

    Bare root plants are dormant and are shipped without any soil on the roots and no leaves on the stems. The roots are wrapped in a medium to keep them moist during shipping however. The plants will start

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