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  1. Pie, Tart, Sour or Sweet Cherry? What’s the difference?

    Picking Cherries Off Of Tree

    It’s the age-old question, what’s the difference between all these cherry tree varieties? Ok, so maybe it’s not considered an age-old question, but it’s certainly one many ask and for good reason.

    Cherry trees are beloved across the world. Partly

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  2. #ProPlantTips: Flowering Cherry Tree Care

    house surrounded by trees

    Here at Nature Hills, we like to think of Flowering Cherries as the darlings of the garden world. We’re sure that they’re the prized possession of various home landscapes as well. 

    To keep those beautiful blossoms vibrant and prospering for

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  3. Pruning & Trimming Apple Trees

    Large Banner Pruning Trees

    Apple tree pruning plays an important role in ensuring proper growth and fruit production, increasing fruit size, and increasing tree vigor. And, pruning encourages the tree to grow more during the growing season. Begin from the very first season after

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  4. When Will My Fruit Be Ready to Harvest?

    picking fruit off the bush header

    This time of year in warmer climates, you may be already harvesting some fruit and vegetables from the garden! Those of us in cooler climates are still waiting with bated breath for those Strawberries to ripen, but maybe enjoying the first salads and

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  5. Everything You Need to Know About Street Trees!

    Street Trees Large Banner

    The Boulevard! Defined by its overlapping canopy of high-arching tree limbs that cool and shade your drive. Enveloping you in class as you drive down the shaded living tunnel they create. Once great street trees like Elms, Maples, Oaks, and Sycamores

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  6. Fruit Trees to Plant for a November Harvest

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    The chill is in the air and a few parts of the country are staring down winter. But for many in warm growing zones with mild winters - It’s your time to shine!

    Growing zones 7 are finishing up their harvest season, indoor gardeners and greenhouse g

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  7. Health Benefits of the Sour Cherry

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    The Cherry traces its history as far back as 3300 BCE. Both the Sweet and the Sour Cherry have been a highly desired part of the human diet for thousands of years.

    The fresh Sour Cherry pies of Michigan and Wisconsin are always in demand during

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  8. Care Tips for Small Ornamental Trees in Your Landscape

    Flowering Tree by House Entrance

    The first crop that sells out on the Nature Hills site is our super popular smaller ornamental trees. Some customers call them “Patio Trees.” No matter what you call them, we see the trend to use smaller trees in both front and backyard landscapes get

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  9. Best Fruit Trees for Your Colder Climate

    Fruit Tree

    Growing fruit from home opens up a brand new world of possibilities. Pies, jams and a variety of health benefits are only seasons away! However, potential growers need to make sure their fruit producers can survive long enough to bear fruit first! 

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  10. Fruit Trees to Plant for a September Harvest

    large header 9-6-22

    The end of summer isn’t a time to be sorry! While the warm temperatures are fleeting and cooler temperatures approaching, many fruit trees and plants are just now gearing up for the harvest month! Many of us are looking forward to the cool nights, hoodie w

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