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  1. Best St. John's Wort Varieties and How to Care for Them

    st. johns wort in basket

    Sunny, uplifting, and decorative - the effervescent St. John’s Wort shrub is sure to provide you and your landscape with three seasons of appeal!

    People have used Hypericum flowers as herbal medicine to combat depression and decorate their landscapes f

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  2. Best Potentilla Shrub Varieties & How to Care for Them!

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    Cheerful repeat blooms, fine-textured foliage and a low-growing fluffy form, the pretty Potentilla bush (Potentilla fruticosa), also known as Bush Cinquefoils, are native to the Northern Hemisphere and are deciduous flowering ornamental plants! Well-known

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  3. Health Benefits of Aronia Berries

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    Aronia bushes, also known as Black Chokeberry bushes, are native flowering and fruiting deciduous shrubs with a long history of use here in the US! We know that the name Chokeberry is not very appealing, but the fruit can be a bit astringent and some

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  4. Japanese Beetle Season Has Begun

    leaves eaten by japanese beetles header

    Japanese Beetle Season Has Begun. Do you have a problem with Japanese Beetles or are they just moving into your area recently? Maybe you don’t see the beetles, but suddenly your flowers and leaves were skeletonized overnight?

    Every June or early J

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  5. Ornamental Grasses: To Cut or Not To Cut?

    Ornamental Grass

    It’s fall clean-up time and you may be eyeing your landscape in search of what to trim back next. That’s when the waving plumes of you

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  6. Is My Bleeding Heart Dead?

    Bleeding hearts on tree  

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  7. How to Create a Children's Garden or Sensory Garden!

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    Get your kids outside more and instill a love of nature by creating their own spot in your landscape! Bright colors, fun smells, sound and motion, plus touchable plants are everything you need to make them a complete sensory experience!


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  8. Sand Cherries: A Unique & Small Native

    sand cherry header

    Need a pretty flowering deciduous shrub that is rugged, has edible fruit for you and the birds, plus features silvery foliage and shining white blooms? The Sand Cherry Shrub is all that and more!

    Read on to learn more about this native treasure!

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  9. Getting To Know Tiarella - Spring Blooms Made For The Shade!


    Tiarella cordifolia, more commonly known as Foamflower, Foam Flower, or sometimes called False Miterwort, are herbaceous perennials from the family Saxifragaceae. The same family as Coral Bells (Heuchera) that these unique Perennials resemble. 

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  10. Reliable Nut Trees to Plant This Year!

    walnut tree

    Starting a Nut Tree grove or wanting to beef up your backyard food access and support seasonal fresh food variability? Check out these fantastic edible Nut

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