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  1. When Planting, Take Your Lead From Nature

    What to plant - that is the “perennial” question from many of our customers. 

    With so many options available these days - and a never-ending list of new plants being introduced by nurseries not only from the US, but from other countries as

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  2. Everything You Need to Know About the Cotoneaster Bush

    Everything You Need to Know About the Cotoneaster Bush Header

    Robust, dense flowering shrubs with bird-friendly berries, the Cotoneaster delivers a world of value and landscape

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  3. Tall Spires & Native Hardiness - False Indigo Baptisia!

    Flowering spring spires with colorful florets, the dramatic False Indigo (Baptisia) will amaze you and your pollinators all spring!

    Deep-rooted and long-lived perennials, Baptisia originates from the Greek word "bapto", to "dip" or to "dye". As

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  4. 5 Spectacular Native Plants for the Southern Midwest

    southern midwest header

    With the arid environment that characterizes the Southwestern United States, plants must develop to withstand the brutal summer heat. These plants have developed to seek out and thrive in environments that would otherwise be inhospitable.

    In the

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  5. 5 Unique Native Plants to the Northwest United States

    Northwestern Native plants header

    Check out the second of six in a Native Plant series for each region of the US and learn about Nature Hills' Top Five Astounding Native Plants for the Northwest!


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  6. Five Trees for Early Spring Color!


    Once those winter snows and gloom fade at last, you need that burst of early spring color! Of course, there are spring flowering

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  7. Pretty In Pink Coralberry Shrubs



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  8. Our Perfect Christmas Plant Wishlist!

    crape myrtle

    Looking ahead to a new year, and reflecting on the past, we dream of new possibilities for our landscapes too!

    Nature Hills Nursery is here to help inspire you with our Christmas Plant Wishlist!

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  9. What to Do in The Garden This Fall (And What Not To Do)


    Summer is wrapping up and the cooler nights are beginning to creep in! It’s t

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  10. Light it Up With Yellow and Orange Flowering Perennials!

    Yellow and Orange Tulips

    Yellow or orange flowering perennials add a stunning sizzle to the landscape and are instant highlights to any garden or patio!

    Looking for something to plant in those hot spots in your yard? 

    Plant yellow and orange flowers in your

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