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  1. The Newest Butterfly Bushes on the Block - Bufferfly Candy®!

    butterfly bush

    Irresistible to Butterflies (and Hummingbirds and bees too!) The newest garden and pollinator treat has hit the markets and will bring a

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  2. Common Lawn Weeds & How To Control Them Part 2

    large blog header

    “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.” - A.A. Milne

    Weeds really love the comfy environment that our manicured lawns provide! After all, these rugged, adventitious plants have hard-earned their place after generations of sur

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  3. 5 Ways To Attract More Pollinators To Your Garden!

    butterfly on milkweed

    National Pollinator Week (June 20th-26th) is fast approaching and in our neck of the woods that is a reason to celebrate! We’re often asked how to best help the local pollinators and what can be done in gardens to attract m

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  4. 5 Great Alternatives to Lawn Grass!

    landscape with no grass

    Great green fields of prosperity, the American lawn has somehow become the established symbol for suburban standards and synonymous with the American dream, the American flag and white picket fences. 

    However, as my college professor called

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  5. Fall Cleanup to Prepare for Winter Garden Interest

    Hat, Gloves, And Shears On Table

    Before your fire up your weed eaters and trimmers and rampage through your yard cutting down and removing everything in sight this fall, stop! Take a step back. It’s time to reconsider your winter clean up protocol. 

    Let’s take a look and chan

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  6. Bees, Butterflies & Brilliance! Check Out Perennial Yarrow!


    The Yarrow family of hardy plants have been used by savvy gardeners for millennia, since before the Roman times as medicinal herbs and garden

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  7. Creating the Coziest Cottage Garden!

    cottage garden

    “With silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row.” - Mother Goose

    The classic Cottage Garden - Jam packed full of textures, colors, and flowers that bloom in succession. There may not seem to be rhyme or reason, but the

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  8. Top 5 Most Fragrant Trees

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    The wafting sweet and fruity fragrances from the petals of trees and shrubs add an extra level of enjoyment to your landscape. It's just one of the unseen, but profoundly felt, finishing touches a well-planned garden strives for! While plants use scent

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  9. Common Lawn Weeds & How to Control Them

    hands with red gloves pulling out weed with gardening tool

    A weed is a plant that has m

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  10. When Planting, Take Your Lead From Nature

    What to plant - that is the “perennial” question from many of our customers. 

    With so many options available these days - and a never-ending list of new plants being introduced by nurseries not only from the US, but from other countries as

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