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  1. Get To Know Audubon® Native Bird-Friendly Plants


    Introducing the Bird-friendly line of Audubon® Native Plants, Trees, and Shrubs! It’s easy to provide food and shelter for local and migrating birds, and other wildlife, wh

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  2. A Complete Guide to Planting Perennials

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    With the immensely wide range of colors, sizes, and forms available, Perennial plants are the small-scale (and a few large-scale)

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  3. The Right Way(s) to Make Compost!

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    Black gold! Coveted by gardeners for its richness and nutrient-dense goodness that makes plants seem to jump out of the ground with growth! Featuring many benefits such as moisture holding, insulation and improves soil texture and many other offerings

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  4. Hügelkultur: What Is It & Why You Might Want One?


    Got an unsightly compost bin, or a messy scrap pile of accumulated yard waste, or maybe just had a large tree come down in your yard? Don’t let that pile of logs, sticks, and leaves go to waste!

    Turn it into something unique and beautiful - an

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  5. Fruit Tree Fertilization

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    Great plants grow best in healthy garden soil. After all, plants need nutrients and trace elements for robust root growth, healthy foliage and abundant flowers. Throw in fruit as well and your trees and shrubs need extra water and bonus nutrients!

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  6. Top Flowering Plants To Help Pollinators

    Bee Pollinating Flowers

    It’s Pollinator Week everybody! And that means it’s an impeccable time to cover the importance of pollination and name off a few favorite plants that prove to be excellent pollinators.

    Looking to make a f

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  7. How and Why to Mulch Your Plants

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    In nature, mulch is any fallen organic material that trees and shrubs naturally drop and, whether by design or by accident, improve their local soil environment for themselves. Composed of discarded leaves, shed bark and needles, small twigs, and anything

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  8. #ProPlantTips: Using Seed Mixes to Maximize Impact

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    Introducing custom-blended Seed Mixes to easily create a Prairie or Native garden!

    A fantastic blend of regional wildflowers that grow natively over a wide range, you’ll enjoy their hardiness,

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  9. Using Herbs for Decoration!

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    Want your Herb plants to do more for you than taste good? Hold onto your socks because the world of Herbs is blurring the lines between useful edible medicinals and ornamental plants! Now you can enjoy them for more than just tasty garnish and seasoning

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  10. 5 Types of Early Blooming Native Pollinator Plants

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    “The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing.” - S. Brown

    Feed the bees and lend a hand to those early arriving beneficial insects this year by providing (or letting remain) their favorite early spring snacks to sustain them unt

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