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  1. Fruit Trees to Plant for an October Harvest!

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    For most of the country, the nights are cold or getting chilly, maybe even teasing us with freezing temperatures, causing us to run out and cover those last flowers or veggies in case of a freeze. The days may struggle to warm up enough for you to not

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  2. How to Grow an Apple Tree



    Growing apple trees can be a fun and rewarding experience for the home gardener. Growing apple trees is a relatively easy process, and yields delicious fruit that can be enjoyed by everybody. There are, however, many factors to consider before attempting

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  3. Dwarf Apple Trees

    Assorted Dwarf Red and Green Apples

    Dwarf apple trees have many advantages to standard sized apple trees.

    First of all, dwarf apple trees are smaller. This means that they take up less room in a garden. The reduced size of a dwarf apple tree makes it easier to prune, spray

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  4. Growing Amazing Fruit: Techniques for Success

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  5. The Best Fruit Trees for Hot Climates!

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    Growing fruit trees at home opens up a whole new world of possibilities for food sustainability and expanding fresh food access right in

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  6. Almost Everything You Need to Know About Privacy Trees and Shrubs

    Privacy Trees And Shrubs

    One of the top questions we get asked is how to use trees and shrubs to get more privacy without making your house and yard look like a fortress.

    There are so many different challenges modern homeowners face, and plants can solve these problems

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  7. What to Do in The Garden This Fall (And What Not To Do)


    Summer is wrapping up and the cooler nights are beginning to creep in! It’s t

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  8. Pre-Planned Full Sun Garden Recipes for Success

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    A full sun garden is a magical place and one that gives a gardener massive potential! It also brings its own challenges for both gardeners and plants alike because of what comes with it - dry conditions, heat and humidity!

    For a northern gardener,

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  9. Best Trees & Shrubs That Keep Their Leaves All Year

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    “Good nature could winter foresee when she made the Evergreen Tree.” - Pepper Blair

    Sometimes it is easy to get sick and tired of the brown or

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  10. Our Perfect Christmas Plant Wishlist!

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    Looking ahead to a new year, and reflecting on the past, we dream of new possibilities for our landscapes too!

    Nature Hills Nursery is here to help inspire you with our Christmas Plant Wishlist!

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