Best time of day to water plants?

When is the best time to water plants?

I know you've thought it, but were too afraid to ask anyone. Fear not! You're in good company. We get asked that question a lot around here. "when is the best time of day to water plants?" Super easy answer -  Watering in the morning is usually the preferred time. "But, what if I can't do that? I can barely get the toast and coffee in my mouth as I'm running out the door to work in the morning!" You'll be happy to know that watering any time of the day can be done, especially if you are using soaker hoses or watering with a wand. Applying the water below the foliage is the goal.

When watering is done late in the day, the foliage may remain wet overnight and thus the plants will be more likely to get fungal diseases. Morning watering is also more efficient because there will be less evaporation and the plants will be prepared for a hot day in the sun. So you see, watering isn't a big long as you DO IT!