Water Your Evergreens This Fall

Water Your Evergreens This Fall

So many areas are experiencing hot and dry weather.  If you are in one of those dry areas, an excellent thing to do is give your new & established evergreen plants a good drink of water as we begin our fall season. 

Evergreens (including broadleaved evergreens like Boxwood, Rhododendrons and Holly) will greatly appreciate good soaking if you have not had sufficient rains in your area as well. 

All evergreens in areas where it gets cold and the ground will freeze, it is even more important for them to go into winter with good soil moisture!  Evergreen plants will use water well into the cold season, and once the ground freezes, they are not able to replenish the moisture needed in the leaves to prevent winter burn.

Get your evergreens juiced up now, and right up until the ground freezes to prevent them from winter burn this year. 

When you do water your plants, water the soil and not the foliage.  Junipers especially like to have dry foliage.  Use your hose without any nozzles, just run the water at the roots to moisten the soil only.

FALL WATERING IS SO VERY IMPORTANT FOR ALL NEW PLANTINGS TOO.  Remember to keep on watering the plants you planted this year.  Most newly planted plants need additional watering until they have had a chance to make new roots at your home.  Help them out, they will appreciate it!

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