Top 8 Gardeners to Follow on Twitter

Top 8 Gardeners to Follow on Twitter


Have you resolved to be more connected to those who share your interests?  Or maybe you're new to gardening and want to learn from seasoned masters?   No matter what your reason, if you're looking for quick 140-character bursts of gardening advice, we have some new friends for you.  

     Urban Gardens logo

Urban Gardens @urbangardens

Based out of Santa Monica, CA, Urban Gardens is exactly what it appears to be. "A creative fusion of urban style, design, and nature."  They post tips and tricks for getting greenery into your urban lifestyle. Perfect pal for a city dweller with a gardener's heart! #urban #planters


Gardening Know How logo

Gardening Know How @gardenknowhow

This account encourages followers to ask "gardening questions" and get "gardening answers."  Most commonly, this account posts articles with tips for growing specific plants. #gardening  


Shawna Coronado logo

ShawnaCoronado @ShawnaCoronado

Shawna Coronado is based out of the Chicago area and passionate about gardening, green living, and healthy eating.  Self-described "wild woman," her feed is an interesting collection of articles, pictures, and videos regarding her passions and DIY how-to's. #GrowWhatYouLove  


Seasonal Wisdom logo

Teresa O'Connor @SeasonalWisdom

Based out of California and Idaho, Teresa O'Connor is a "writer, speaker and trained master gardener" whose online presence is all about gardening.  Follow her for #gardengossip.        


Garden Design Magazine logo

Garden Design Mag @GardenDesignMag

This is the Twitter account of a print magazine, Garden Design, which focuses on horticulture and design.  They post original content as well as seeking out and re-tweeting gardening tips from others. #GardenMag  


Garden Wise logo

J. Mark White, ASLA @GardenWiseInc

J. Mark White is a professional landscape architect in Washington, D.C. His feed is chock-full of interesting articles relevant to gardening, farming, and most of all landscape architecture. #LandArch    


Creative Living and Growing with Bren logo

GardenChat w/ Bren @BG_garden

Based out of Ohio, Bren is the host of #gardenchat. This is her personal official Twitter account. Follow her to hear about what she's doing in her garden. She keeps her followers updated to her gardening activities and the day-to-day changes in her personal gardens and geodesic dome. #growingnorth  


Garden Chat logo The Garden Chat


We saved one of our favorites for last. The official account for #gardenchat, which takes places online on Monday evenings.  Since 2009, #gardenchat has been encouraging community and conversation among established and aspiring gardeners.  The goal is to enrich more lives by spreading the love of gardening. Follow to learn more!

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