The Top 10 Gardening Facebook Accounts

The Top 10 Gardening Facebook Accounts

For gardening experts, enthusiasts, and beginners alike, Facebook is one of the best places to find great advice, tips, ideas, and even ask questions. We have selected our favorite Facebook accounts for gardening. Each account provides a different perspective and covers different topics.  The accounts have quite a solid following already, so you know they are doing something right!  We decided not to rank them in any certain order since each account is so specialized; it is hard to compare them.     Gardenista

Gardenista - This site is created by former New York Times columnist Michelle Slatalla. This site provides a tremendous amount of information and several articles about unorthodox gardening ideas and tricks. She also provides different concepts to consider when designing a garden, such as, landscaping or interior design with plants. Follow this account if you truly want some great gardening ideas!      


National Wildlife Federation - This site is all about wildlife. True gardeners not only think about how their plants will adapt to the physical location, but they also consider how their garden will impact the local wildlife around them. From butterflies and bees, to deer resistant plants and everything in between, this site is a great resource to refer to.  Plus, there are many great images of wildlife, which is always a bonus!        

Backyard Gardener What a great site for people just getting started in gardening! This site contains terrific photos, mostly of annual and perennial flowers; also gardening advice for landscaping, container gardening, and more. Backyard Gardener writes many plant and gardening product reviews. This way consumers can get some good advice before they purchase as well (hopefully from of course!). They continue to do a great job of mixing in relevant gardening news from across the web. This is one of the biggest gardening groups on Facebook, with over 1.4 million followers for their page!    

Chanticleer Gardens landscape

Chanticleer Garden - This is a non-profit garden located in Wayne, Pennsylvania. It is open from April through October. However, feel free to follow them on Facebook for year round gardening goodness. Most of their posts are about plants growing inside Chanticleer Garden, making the growing advice accurate and images absolutely stunning.

They give out scholarships to help with professional development called the Chanticleer Scholars. This is an opportunity for you to apply to the scholarship if you are interested!      

A Way To Garden

A Way to Garden - Founded by popular blogger Margaret Roach, this site is fun and inspiring. The ways she describes herself is "horticultural how-to and woo-woo" & "always say no to chemicals and yes to great plants." Her blog,, is the main inspiration shared by this Facebook account. Margaret is an expert in seed starting, so if you are looking to garden at a low cost, she is a great person to follow and learn valuable new information. She is also an author, so be sure to check out her book titled, "The Backyard Parables." 

Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable Gardening- This account is pretty self explanatory.  If you are into growing your own food, either in containers, gardens, or indoors, this is the account to follow. Its mission is "Promoting the ultimate "locavore" experience -- fresh vegetables from your very own garden." is the website behind this account, which has over 800,000 followers.  So asking questions on their posts might be a great way to get quick answers from other gardeners since there are so many people in this group!  

Mother Earth Living logo

Mother Earth Living - This Facebook account is actually from a great magazine! It provides reliable, in-depth information on creating a healthy home and lifestyle. They also have a digital version of their magazine if you prefer to consume your gardening content online.

Most of their content is based around using plants for a healthy lifestyle. Either from growing food or making home remedies. This is the place to live healthier in 2016!          

garden landscape

The Association for Garden Communicators - This site is formerly known as the Garden Writers Association. If you are looking to find expert gardeners, this is a great place to start. This non-profit website has writers, speakers, and photographers who are on the cutting edge of their profession.

They promote different events, such as, trade shows, meetings, networking, keynotes, and more. You can meet and learn from these experts. This account is truly for the experienced professional who is looking to step up their game.        

National Garden Bureau - This website's mission is "to educate, inspire and motivate consumers to increase their use of flowers and plants in homes, gardens and workplaces by being the marketing arm of the gardening industry." Founded in 1920 in Illinois, this non-profit Bureau tries to spread gardening nationwide, and that is something we at Nature Hills Nursery actively supports.

This account covers everything there is to know about gardening: from vegetables, to critters around the garden, to ornamental plants, and everything in between. This is a great account to follow for gardening in all areas!      

Balcony Garden Web

Balcony Garden Web - This Facebook account does an excellent job on specific gardening. It includes small spaces, including containers, balconies, patios, rooftops and more. Their emphasis is mainly growing food and flowers in tight spaces. It is a wonderful source for people who live in apartments or just anyone who wants to be efficient with their space.

Gardening in small spaces is a growing trend (no pun intended), and we could all learn more about this great topic. Being limited on space or time is no longer an excuse not to garden!  

Of course we are also on Facebook, and would love to have you follow us as well.  We try to combine our own articles, new plants, and other great resources we find on the web. You can find our page here.

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