The Colors of the Year Used in all Things Gardening

The Colors of the Year Used in all Things Gardening

The 2021 Colors Of The Year

You constantly hear the cliche color trend exclamation of ‘blue is the new pink’ or ‘black is the in color’ but does anyone truly fact check it? We simply just take the word and start investing in that specific color off a mere whim. How flamboyant! 

Well we’re here to set all the records straight for 2021, provide you with the REAL colors of the year and professionally guide your landscape to keep up with the times.

The Pantone colors of the year. That opening statement should send shivers down your spine. In December, Pantone color institute graciously announced that 2021 will be revolving around 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and 13-0647 Illuminating. 

It was expressed that these “two independent colors come together to create an aspirational color pairing, conjoining deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the optimistic promise of a sunshine filled day.”

We simply think they are prime, no..exceptional colors to showcase in a garden or landscape!


Ultimate Gray Plant Foliage

Silver Heart Brunnera

There is no other plant than our Silver Heart that administers ‘Ultimate Gray’ better. This silver foliaged specimen shows off its broad leaves while providing a petite accent to any landscape!

Even find the joy in admiring the several new butterflies and other pollinators that will pay a quick visit here and there while your Silver Heart nestles itself at the base of a garden sculpture. 

Or place it in a prettied pot as a charming gift for a loved one! The look on their face will be delighted. Then proceed to tell them they are now proud owners of a color of the year plant.

It’s a sure conversation starter!


Arthur J. Simmonds Bluebeard

Don’t be fooled by this particularly popular bluebeard! Its classic blue foliage carries a strong hint of silver to its leaves. Making it yet another candidate for the best ultimate gray colored plant. 

It carries a professional looking rounded shape that astonishes even us! During the winter, it will dive into hibernation so we suggest it be cut back to the ground. 

But no worries, the new wood on which flowers will grow is worth the cold season wait. In fact, this plant sends a message of strength by flowering bigger and better than ever each year. 


Elijah Blue Fescue Grass

If you’re hunting for an exquisite ornamental grass to use as a border, ground cover or a simple accent to the landscape, then look no further!

The Elijah Blue Fescue Grass embraces its blue grey foliage in all aspects. Not to mention its porcupine shape enhances this color of the year plant with unique visual interest. 

Be sure to plant it where it can soak in full sun or take a break in partial shade. It even is drought tolerant so the hassle of constant watering goes right out the door!


Cauticola Sedum

For an ideal edging or rock garden border, the Cauticola Sedum gets the job done while looking snazzy when doing it! This short and compact specimen prides itself on powdery blue and ultimate gray leaves. 

To exceed expectations more, this sedum’s foliage is contrasted with purple undersides and stems. Talk about a showstopper in the garden! 

Your neighbors will without a doubt be admiring the 2021 color of the year present in your landscape.


Illuminating Colored Plants (Yellow)

Easy Elegance Yellow Submarine Rose

One bloom after another, the Yellow Submarine Rose perfectly showcases the second 2021 color of the year. Use it to attract butterflies, create a sunny centerpiece bouquet, plant it in an admirable pot, or accent your outdoor landscape. 

The possibilities are endless! The best part yet..this Illuminating rose is easy to care for and grows double the amount of blossoms.

You’ll find joy in the lemon colored petals slowly transforming to a soft pale yellow and finally into an ivory white flower head. 


Double Flowering Japanese Kerria

The bright yellow blossoms upon this Kerria beg for attention in the garden. And we can see why! The showy double flowers bloom in early spring and never rest. 

Plant this fast growing shrub in an area you can view, then grab your popcorn because it performs four seasons of interest. 


Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan

Do you want to grow an award-winning selection of a native plant that also just so happens to carry the 2021 color of the year? We do! 

The Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan blooms for months in its cheery golden color and pleasant form. It's dark centers display the perfect amount of contrast to the petals being grown. 

Never worry about a shortage of pollinators or an extreme need for care either! It goes well in mass plantings, outdoor containers, and even as a single cut flower. 


Stella de Oro Daylily

Grow a compact Daylily for incredible ruffled yellow flowers in the garden or container. And oh, did we mention that those flowers are sweetly fragrant? Well they are! 

This former perennial of the year is more than capable of proudly carrying the Illuminating color with it all through the spring season year after year. 


Ready to start the new year off right?

Pair them up, mix and match, or simply dive into one. But the year for 2021 is ready for Ultimate Gray and Illuminating to come full force. Be a part of it!

Then, you can officially say that Ultimate Gray and Illuminating ARE the new pink.

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