Spring & Fall's Best Blooming Tree: Autumn Blooming Cherry!

Spring & Fall's Best Blooming Tree: Autumn Blooming Cherry!

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The gorgeous Flowering Cherry tree is a spring-flowering standard that provides scent, beauty, and fall color and the versatile Autumn Blooming Cherry tree kicks up the flowering show with a second flush of bonus blooms in the fall!

Learn about this fantastic ornamental flowering tree, its many perks, the wide range of landscape benefits, and how easy it is to grow in your landscape!

The Beautiful Autumn Blooming Cherry

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This tree is the gift that keeps on giving! The Autumn Blooming Cherry offers four seasons of visual interest, ensuring that each passing season has something new to love!

The Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree (Prunus subhirtella 'Autumnalis') lights up your landscape with an explosion of fragrantly sweet, ruffled, frilly pink blooms that fade to white! Pollinators adore these nectar-rich, single to semi-double spring blooms.

Once the spring flowers fade the green foliage fills your tree's canopy. During the summer, enjoy the shade from the large, oval green leaves that seem to flit and flutter with every puff of wind.

Then, in fall as the leaves are dropping, your Autumn Blooming Cherry starts producing a smaller flush of flowers again later in the growing season in the warmer zones!

The fall foliage color can be good most years producing bronze, gold, and yellow.

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In the late summer to autumn, the Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree produces small black (inedible) cherries that are a boon to birds looking for a pre-winter feast!

After this deciduous tree drops its leaves, mild winter climates may be delighted to see an additional round of blooms as other plants begin to go dormant for the winter!

Lastly, as the winter snows sculpt the branches, you’ll enjoy the rosy, burnished Cherry tree bark that this family is well known for! You'll also get a chance to appreciate the magnificent branch structure. Every little bit helps in winter!

Where To Use The Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree

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The double to triple dose of double pink blooms are glorious enough to make you want to keep them all to yourself by hiding this tree in the backyard!

  • Add cooling shade to a back patio or seating areas
  • Add flouncy blooms to outdoor garden rooms and feed the bees and butterflies
  • Be sure to plant one outside of a favorite window to enjoy the year-round show!
  • Plant by the veggie garden or orchard to draw in more pollinators to help with pollination
  • A second bloom to support pollinators again late into the season!
  • Create groupings with other ornamentals to create a naturalized and colorful settings

But this floral show is exactly why you must share this double dose of beauty with the whole neighborhood! You’ll enjoy a major boost to neighborhood clout and curb appeal with a double dose of pink blooms!

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  • A single specimen by your driveway or in a bermed focal point planting in the front yard
  • Anchor a foundation planting
  • A line of these trees along your drive will welcome you home
  • These are also stately street trees 
  • Create so much curb appeal with so little work from yourself

While Cherry trees generally do not have invasive root systems, it's always prudent to plant any tree at least one-half of its mature width away from a structure - both above and below ground.

The moderate growth rate and its “just right” size, provides wonderful shade and impact without sacrificing space! Hardy and tolerant of urban conditions, Autumn Blooming Cherry has it all!

Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree Care

The Autumn Blooming Cherry is a hardy deciduous tree with so many incredible features while requiring very little care or fuss from you! Amazingly disease resistant, there’s no reason for you to spray or worry about pests!


Flowering Cherry trees love the full sun, and bloom the absolute best when planted in as much sunlight as you can provide. Autumn Blooming Cherry is adaptable enough to also tolerate some partial shade (but you’ll have fewer flowers in less sun).

Water young trees well to ensure they become well-established in their first year. Doing best in any kind of soil, these spring and fall flowering Cherry trees do require well-draining conditions and cannot sit in soggy soils. Be sure to include the Nature Hills Root Booster to give your root system the healthy jump-start it needs to get growing beautifully!

Add a 3-4 inch layer of mulch over the root system for insulation and moisture retention.

If needed, it is best to prune right after the early spring flush of flowers. However, you may miss out on a bit of the fall bloom.

  • These can reach 20 - 30 feet in height and 20 - 30 feet wide
  • Winter hardy to USDA hardiness zones 4-8
  • Full sun is best, but also part shade/afternoon shade
  • Well-drained enriched soil
  • Moderate moisture needs
  • Appreciates mulched beds
  • Prune after spring flowering if needed

The Autumn Blooming Cherry tree is so easy on the eyes and easy on your busy lifestyle!

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Bountiful Beautiful Blooms!

If you wish to see blooms next spring, you better hurry and order your own Autumn Blooming Cherry from Nature Hills today! Enjoy repeat blooms, sweet fragrances, and fall color trees with wonderful, cooling shade!

You won't go wrong with buying the Autumn Blooming Cherry tree from Nature Hills Nursery! We sell out of this magical flowering tree every single year, so please - place your order today! You won't want to miss this tree!

Happy Planting!

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