Shrub Roses: What Are They & The Top 5 For Your Garden!

Shrub Roses: What Are They & The Top 5 For Your Garden!

Pretty workhorses, Landscaping Shrub Roses are a category of Rose bushes that are among the hardiest, easiest to grow, and most forgiving Roses around!

Ideal for all kinds of landscape designs in both the utilitarian and ornamental sense, Shrub Roses are fantastic as structure and landscape barrier plantings in addition to their ability to flower with abandon!

Commercial landscapers rely on their high performance. You can do the same at home, too!

Learn more about these versatile Landscape Shrub Rose powerhouses and how your landscape can use them!

What Makes A Landscaping Rose Bush?

This mixed bag of Rose varieties, Tree Roses, groundcover Roses, and Shrub Roses. But these are some of the hardiest, easy to grow, and modern disease-resistant Roses of the bunch!

This charming variety of Rose produces blooms over the long growing season. Buds appear in late spring, and the recurrent sprays keep coming through fall. Modern Landscape Shrub Rose Bushes offer successive flushes of flowers.

Shrub Roses also stay much neater all growing season, requiring little pruning to keep their form in check! They look tidy from start to finish!

Today's Shrub Roses are mostly grown on their own roots making them super hardy. An early spring pruning and some regular deadheading all help keep the plants blooming and in shape.

Plus, newer genetics have added more disease resistance, more flowers, larger flowers, and many of the newer cultivars even have more fragrance!

Choosing Your New Landscaping Shrub Rose

From the smallest Miniature Roses and low-growing Groundcover Roses, to the largest Rugosa Rose and the 6-8 foot tall In Your Eyes™ Rose bush! There will be a Shrub Rose to fill any sunny landscape void your garden has!

  1. Make sure you have a location that is in full sun with ample air circulation and rich well-drained soil. Roses need at least 6 hours of direct sun a day. If your soil is not well-draining, either berm the area by 2 feet or plant your Roses in a raised bed or container. Soggy soil will be harmful to your Rose plants.
  1. Choose the right Shrub Rose for you and your garden by first finding your USDA Hardiness Zone.
  1. Then narrow down which Roses will fit in your garden spaces based on the height and width that your sunny landscape spot has available for them to move into.
  1. Then choose your color and you are done! You will still have more options than you can imagine!
  1. Sit back and relax while packages and ships your new Rose bush with a mature root system to your doorstep at the proper planting time for your growing zone!

Using Landscape Shrub Roses In Your Garden

Shrub Roses for the Landscape are hardy workhorses. Not your average flowering shrubs, these Rose bushes are here for a purpose and not just look pretty!

Put them to work in your garden as a high or low flowering hedge for privacy or screening, or for adding property division and structure in your landscape design. For accenting your garden design while also making a visual border, edging, or finishing touch, go with Groundcover Roses to define your spaces! They can perk up your foundation planting, too!

Fast-growing, you’ll quickly fill a planting bed with a mass of color from spring until frost!

Need a big backdrop planting that also keeps people (or wildlife) from wandering into your yard? Or just to stop the neighbors from having a peek while you are around your pool? Choose a taller growing Shrub Rose!

Don’t have a lot of room or just have a small area that needs a pop of color and no fussing over? Rose bushes look great in your patio planter which is great if you rent an apartment or want to decorate your porch, back deck, or balcony! Front porch container gardens gain free-flowering easy-care decor!

You can, of course, use any of these fantastic varieties of Shrub Rose as focal points, specimen plantings, and fragrant cutting gardens that bring in the bees, butterflies, and even a few hummingbirds!

Caring For Landscape Shrub Roses

Very little care and worry is required to enjoy their lovely Modern Roses all summer long! The best thing you can do for Rose bushes is to choose a planting site in full sun and well-drained soil.

Roses flower best with at least six hours of sunlight a day, doing incredibly well in all-day sun! Avoid planting in low-lying areas that stay wet, have poor air circulation, or poor drainage. If you suspect this, create a raised garden bed in that area to improve drainage.

Provide a consistent schedule of supplemental water for Landscape Shrub Roses. Sure, they are tough...but don't you want the very best performance for the most flower power?

Apply fertilizer at the base of the plant with a good Rose formula. Follow the label directions for the application rate and schedule.

You can deadhead your Landscaping Rose bushes to keep fresh blooms returning, but now there are many Groundcover and Shrub Roses that self-deadhead! Prune your Roses in early spring to six inches from the ground. Remove any dead branches at ground level, or back to a main stem. Read more about over-winterizing and un-wintering Rose bushes here!

Nature Hills Top 5 Landscape Shrub Roses

For easy-care landscaping and pretty utilitarian garden additions, check out these fan favorites!

  1. Rainbow Knock Out® Shrub Rose - great for filling ground, as edging, low-borders, and facer plants, you can’t go wrong with Knock Out® Roses featuring a wide growing zone range, and floriferous bushes with single and double flower power! These Rose shrubs are also great for filling wide areas fast!
  1. Easy Elegance® Kashmir Rose - Vibrant red classic Rose look with modern Rose reliability, long life, and hardiness! Effortless and resistant, Easy Elegance® Rose bushes are fantastic Shrub Roses with a wide range of incredible color options, fragrances, sizes, and adaptability!
  1. Native Roses - Easy care and adapted to native to your region, Native and Wild Roses thrive in a wide range of conditions from wet to prairie and even handle more shade than other Roses. Large and thorny, few creatures (and trespassers) are willing to tangle with these fragrant flowering shrubs. Plus, like the Redleaf Rose, these can be cold-hardy down to USDA zone 2! A native source of pollen and nectar, they are a boon for pollinators in your area!
  1. Oso Easy® Hot Paprika® Rose - A saturated coral pink with a bright yellow center, this is a brilliant smaller Shrub Rose that will light up your garden! Oso Easy® Roses include many Miniature Roses, you don’t have to skimp on color or sacrifice space with these effortlessly easy-to-grow Shrub Roses from Proven Winners® Oso Easy®! Heat tolerant, disease-resistant, and little deadheading to keep the flowers returning all growing season long! Great in containers and small-space gardening!
  1. Moje Hammarberg Rugosa Rose - a new Rugosa on our website, the dark pink double blooms and the incredible scent of this smaller-sized Rugosa is a salt-tolerant, winter-hardy Shrub Rose with dramatic orange Rose Hips in the fall. The pretty crinkly leaves and adaptability will amaze you!

Wrap Your Landscape In Shrub Roses!

Why use a boring Boxwood or plain Evergreen hedge when you can have flowering property definition, blooming structure, and waves of beautiful Roses throughout the garden?

Check out the enormous Landscaping Shrub Rose selection available at and start making your landscape the neighborhood crown jewel!

Read up on Rose Bush Care and Rose pruning, how to winterize and un-winterize your Roses of all types in our #ProPlantTips for Care Garden Blog, and you will see how easy it is to grow your own Landscaping Shrub Roses today!

Happy Planting!

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