Spring flowering bulbs have been putting on quite a show in many parts of the country. In the warmer areas, the bulbs may be done for the year, but in the northern areas the show is really incredible. The secret to big beautiful flowers NEXT year is to keep all of the green leaves on the plants as long as they remain green.

As the flowers fade, remove the tips of the flowers to remove any seed production, leaving the rest of the stems and as many of the leaves intact because those green parts of the plants are making next year’s flower big and strong. Many like to go and cut off the green parts of the plants after blooming to make room for annuals and other plants and shrubs, but you do want to water and nourish and protect that foliage as insurance for next year’s blooms. Once the foliage turns yellow, then you can cut off at the ground level and remove as it has done its job.