Dear Plants, We're Thankful For You!

Dear Plants, We're Thankful For You!

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This Thanksgiving, we've decided to have a little fun! Shopping at means dreaming about, selecting, growing and loving on beautiful plants of all shapes, sizes and "superpowers".

Since 2001, we've shipped high-quality landscape plants shipped right to your doorstep when the weather is right for planting. As a family-owned small business, it's been an honor to provide this service.

We truly appreciate our customers across this magnificent country of ours! Let us go the extra mile to delight you.

Just like our children, it's almost impossible to choose a "favorite" plant. So we decided to focus instead on broad categories of plants from our extensive online plant catalog. 

We Couldn't Live Without You, Fruiting Plants

People are investing in fruiting plants more than ever before. In fact, it's hard to keep our limited inventory in your order right away.

Fruit bushes and trees offer so much to home gardeners in an incredibly giving way. Spring blooms turn into a baby fruit set and grow larger in a very compelling display.

Who would ever guess you'd gather with family and friends around a tree? It's so fun to watch the development over the season, then harvest and prepare your own homegrown food.

There is nothing as luscious as plucking tree-ripe fruit you grew yourself. Sunshine, good soil, water, air circulation and a little care is repaid a hundredfold with your bounty.

Don't forget about Asparagus and Tomatoes growing in a sunny spot. Add Garlic bulbs and other Herbs to savor the flavor!

Roses, We've Been Together So Long & It Just Keeps Getting Better

There is nothing quite so spectacular as you, dear Rose. We even tolerate your thorns, because they help protect your exquisite blooms.

Humankind has loved Roses since the age of ancient Egypt. They are living aromatherapy, and the blooms come in so many different colors and flower forms.

Modern Roses are the result of careful hybridization by expert plant scientists. Come shop our huge collection of high-quality Rose bushes and tree-form Roses you'll be proud to grow.

We're thankful Landscape Shrub Roses and Floribundas offer such durability and ease of care. Modern Hybrid Tea Roses and Grandifloras are "unfussy" rebloomers and just a snap to grow with clean, disease-resistant foliage.

Welcome To Our Family, Houseplants!

Whether you prefer perky plants or have a flair for the dramatic...Houseplants deserve hearty gratitude. They become part of the family, after all!

Just getting started as a plant owner, or have been collecting Houseplants for years? We have a tempting collection to shop, and our plants are very high-quality with well-developed root systems.

Consider your indoor light conditions from low light to bright light. Don't be afraid to add our pro-grade grow lights to supplement.

When in doubt which one you should order...get them both. A happy home is filled with it air purification and treat yourself. 

We're So Happy That Privacy Plants Are In Our Life

Bench in a secluded gardenPlants with densely-held branches and thick foliage might reach tall, or spread wide. Valuable Privacy Plants help you enjoy your outdoor spaces a lot more! can help...whether you go with flowering plants like petite Magnolia, Lilacs or Rose of Sharon; or prefer steady evergreens. Did you know you can filter your results on our site by the growth rate, height, spread and even sun condition?

Screen a neighbor with a combination of hardscape trellis and extravagant vines like Climbing Hydrangea, Trumpet Vine, or Boston Ivy. You won't need much space from front to back...a big boon in small space gardens.

We Can Really Count On Evergreen Trees

A time-tested garden design rule of thumb suggests you select evergreens for one-third of your landscape plants! We are so thankful for the easy grace of Deodar Cedar trees and the symmetry of Spruce.

Conifer trees become living Christmas trees, while broad-leaved Privet, Cherry Laurel and Bay Laurel make elegant hedges. Their year-round color adds both structure and style to your landscape.

Scent your landscape with Lodgepole Pine; or make people smile with a waddling Green Penguin Dwarf Scots Pine. Be sure to study both our Evergreen Trees and our Evergreen Shrubs to find your favorites!

Think Big Picture With Wildlife Plants

Child holding a butterfly on green backgroundFollow your dreams and turn your landscape into a refuge for the smallest creatures in your neighborhood. You'll find just the right host plants; nectar-rich flowering plants and stalwart sheltering evergreens at

Red-Twigged Dogwoods grow quickly to provide welcome screening; these pollinator-favorites produce showy, white blooms. Of course, you'll be thrilled by the bright red young twigs in winter.

Viburnums grow fast and are truly four-season shrubs with blooms, attractive foliage, form and showy berries for birds. These sophisticated shrubs come in a variety of sizes and some, like Forest Rouge Viburnum, offer jaw-droppingly bold fall color.

Whatever your choice, you can feel great about your choice to shop for plants responsibly with Here's why: 

  • We partner with the ecological visionaries at the Greenspace Guardians, Plant Sentry™.
  • The shipping system helps us abide by all the federal and state regulations
  • It uses your Zip Code to check the Plant Sentry database and block the shipment of potentially invasive plant materials into your local microclimate in all 48 continental states.
  • is thankful and proud to be the first online nursery to sign up with them!

Life Just Wouldn't Be The Same Without Fall Color Plants

sedge grass planted in a pot on the patioWe give thanks for the bright blue sky overhead and the magnificent giving ground below our feet. No matter where you live, there is always room for wildlife-friendly plants!

Look for opportunities to make the most out of those welcome cool temperatures of fall. Layer brilliant tones of Red Maple, Sweetgum and Sassafras trees in a park-like setting around an outdoor entertainment area.

Don't forget to include fiery hues in the midground. Native Sumac, Sweetspire and Aronia Chokeberry are all durable shrubs that offer an incredible fall color display. 

Ornamental Grasses are at their best in the long, temperate days of fall. They sway in the breeze and catch the sunset...leave them standing for winter and gain natural birdseed!

Late-blooming perennials like Aster and Sedum only get started in the last gasp of summer. Try Rozanne Hardy Geranium groundcover for blue-hued blooms from spring all the way through fall!

Who Did We Miss? We Can't Forget About These Plants!

  • Scintillating Japanese Maple Trees might just be the perfect accent tree.
  • Hydrangeas always look like a million dollars in mixed borders and garden containers and to create professional cut flower arrangements, too! has a massive selection of all the hottest cultivars.
  • Easy-care Hosta perennials thrive in shade and their big, textured leaves collect pretty raindrops into mini reflecting pools.
  • Weeping Trees tell a twisting, turning Garden Story year after year.
  • Specialty Tree-Form plants turn popular shrubs into eye-height focal points. Stop to smell those gorgeous blooms at your entryway!

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