Pine Tree Problem Area Landscaping Tips

The landscaping or grass under Pine Trees can have a tough time growing properly. This video explains what causes such problem areas under Pine Trees and offers tips on how to best handle the shaded, acidic area under pine trees.

Transcript: Today on Garden Bytes, we are going to deal with a problem area that we have encountered. If you will step back and look at this, you will notice that this evergreen tree has a large dead spot underneath of it.

We have attempted to plant some sod, and at one time when the tree was smaller they attempted to do a little mulching using stone and timbers, which is fine. One of the problems is, that when dealing with an evergreen tree, you are dealing with a tree that is more acidic in nature. That would have a PH under 7, 7 being neutral of course. The soil under here has just become accustomed over the years, to having these needles fall out, as they die and come loose when the wind comes through, and the PH of the soil has raised. And then obviously the fact that its sheltered from the sun.

What I would do is remove the sod that is laying there right now, put down a nice layer of landscaping cloth or black plastic and continue that stone out to the edge. Now that will reduce the amount of moisture that the tree will get, so you will need to poke holes throughout the plastic so the tree can still get moisture. Its pretty obvious that the amount needles found underneath this tree, that is contributing to the fact that grass doesn't want to grow underneath of the tree. That also supports the argument to extend the rock bed to the full width of the tree.