Our Perfect Christmas Plant Wishlist!

Our Perfect Christmas Plant Wishlist!

crape myrtle

Looking ahead to a new year, and reflecting on the past, we dream of new possibilities for our landscapes too!

Nature Hills Nursery is here to help inspire you with our Christmas Plant Wishlist!

No need to wait for Santa, Nature Hills has plants and gifts for everyone on your list! Or to fill your own stocking with goodies! After all, we’re sure you deserve it!

1. New Rock Rose Bushes

Rock Roses are hardy and heat-tolerant, smaller waterwise flowering shrubs have dense broadleaf evergreen leaves and cheerful flowers that pollinators adore! Growers in warm-growing zones can enjoy these shrubs as living groundcover, edging, and en masse for a wide range of landscaping needs.

rock roses

  • Orchid Rock Rose - Rosy pink crinkled petals and aromatic dark gray-green leaves
  • Sunset Magenta Rock Rose - Brilliant magenta blooms on soft sage mounds of leaves
  • Dwarf Pink Rock Rose - Baby pink blooms with cheerful centers on a dwarf-sized shrub!

These are great for hot arid climates and Xeric conditions like Rock Gardens, Coastal sites or salt-treated city streets. Control erosion and enhance a hard-to-mow slope with these pretty flowering plants!

2. New Evergreen Shrubs

Nature Hills is happy to announce three new Evergreen shrubs for your landscape, both with incredible evergreen foliage! Pyramidal form and easy-to-grow nature, these two smaller conifers will light up the garden year-round!

cats eye

  • Cat's Eye Arborvitae - Growing up to 10 feet tall, this gorgeous shrub has a nearly-iridescent chartreuse greenish-yellow foliage that stands out big time!
  • Star Power™ Juniper - Growing 18 feet tall, these blue-green shrubs have star-like juvenile foliage which gives them a delicate, almost sparkling texture!
  • Wichita Blue Juniper features silvery-blue growth with gray fall color, growing 15 feet tall

These shrubs are lovely screens and hedges, fantastic specimens, and even work in large planters!

3. New Crape Myrtle Bushes

Crape Myrtles are fantastic flowering shrubs with long-lasting summer flowers reminiscent of crepe paper! The glossy foliage doesn’t fade in the heat, humidity, or sun of the southern climate.

catawba crape myrtle

  • Catawba Crape Myrtle - These decent-sized shrubs feature fast growth and purplish blooms that last until the autumn. Plus improved mildew resistance!
  • Red Rocket® Crape Myrtle - SHooting upwards fast, this brilliant red variety also has incredible fall color.
  • Tuscarora Crape Myrtle - Another mildew-resistant variety with dramatic coral-pink flowers and fall color!

Use these new and improved Crape Myrtles as hedges, specimens, trained into tree-form accents, or throughout the landscape as privacy and property division! Don’t forget the fantastic GreatMyrtle™ shrubs that are small cold-hardy options too!

4. Loads of Native Plant Offerings!

Nature Hills loves encouraging native plants! So we’ve teamed up with growers around the country bringing these hardy prairie and wetland plants to you so you can help wildlife and beneficial insects cope with habitat loss and broaden native plant diversity throughout your area! Nature Hills makes it easy by listing hardy natives for your State too!

compass plant

  • Compass Plant - Tall Sunflower-like native with coarse leaves that turn to orient themselves to the sun! We also now carry False Sunflowers to feed pollinators too!
  • Gray Headed Coneflower - A dramatic yellow-petalled Coneflower with elongated grayish domed centers and a long bloom time!
  • Copper Iris - A coppery flowered Iris that is native to swampy wetlands!
  • Possomhaw Holly - a native Holly that thrives in the sun or shade, average garden soil or wetlands with berries local songbirds will love!
  • Rattlesnake Master - A native prairie plant with dramatic sunflower-like flowers and unique seed pods!
  • Sideoats Grama - A curious short grass prairie native with dangling seedheads on one side of every flowering plume. Incredible drought-resistant perennial grass!
  • Native Trees like the Ozark Chinquapin and the Mockernut Hickory bring native hardiness and nuts for wildlife and people alike!

There are so many more new offerings including two native Roses, prairie standards like Wild Quinine, Prairie Cordgrass, and White Prairie Clover! Flowering plants like the Golden Alexander, Bigfruit Evening Primrose, and native Bee Balm are pollinator favorites that stand up to the sun!


5. Newest Fruit Trees!

Expand your home orchard or explore new fruit trees to boost your healthy food access.

  • Bailey Hardy Peach Tree - A juicy sweet semi-freestone that ripens mid-August
  • BlackIce® Plum Tree - A large round Plum variety with dark purplish-black skin and red flesh with semi-clingstone pits
  • Honeygold Apple Tree - Golden yellow-green fruit that is sweet, crisp, and juicy, this is excellent for fresh eating and also good for cooking. Ripening late September.
  • Prairie Magic® Apple - A super hardy introduction from Canada with medium-large green fruit with red blush, ripens in mid-September.
  • Wodarz Apple Tree - A popular heirloom Apple selection in North Dakota. A unique green fruit with a pink blush is very sweet and stores well! Fire-blight resistant!
  • Parker Pear Tree - Showy red fruit that’s sweet and features a purple fall color
  • Golden Spice Pear - Golden yellow fruit that is fire-blight resistant!

Increasing your edible landscaping and enjoy the spring flowers, lush summer leaves, delicious fruit, and the fall color of these new fruit tree offerings at Nature Hills!

Dreaming of a White Christmas and Greener Springs!

Look forward to the next growing season with new plant offerings that will have you dreaming of more than sugar plums and 

Order your Christmas wishlists and dream plants at Nature Hills and let us handle the shipping and delivery next spring when planting season rolls around once again!

None of these great plants look perfect for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list? A Nature Hills e-Gift Certificate is an instant, easy, and convenient stocking stuffer!

Happy Planting & Happy Holidays!

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