Love Letters To Our Most Beloved Plants

Love Letters To Our Most Beloved Plants

love letter to plants

It’s true, nature is a hopeless romantic at heart. 

From heart-shaped petals to classic roses, the timeless beauty of nature has long left us captivated by cupid’s favorite color palette or an irresistible aroma – it is simply always, love at first sight.

That’s why this Valentine’s Day, we want to show a little love back to the plants that have always shown their love for us! Follow along as we write love letters to our favorite plants:

Roses, You Have Our Hearts

love at first sight rose"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare.

Flower – Red Blossoms – Flora Shrub. No matter the name, our Roses, in the words of Shakespeare, still smell just as sweet. This perfectly resembles the captivating hold that you, Roses, have on us at

From your vibrant, sunny yellows and showstopping pinks to your deep purples and moody blues, it isn’t the color or name alone that keeps us in your embrace. It is your timeless and classic beauty that beholds gardens and floral arrangements hung in suspenseful admiration. 

Whether in carefully placed bushes of a mixed garden or ever so gracefully climbing the walls of our homes, your very growth moves delicately with the presence of the sun and the moisture of the rainfall. As we tenderly clip your thorns to capture and showcase your beauty for our lifetimes’ greatest events, there is not truly one thing of note that the presence of a rose is not perfect for.  

We Love You Endlessly,

Nature Hills Nursery

We Wouldn’t Be Here Without You Hydrangeas

blushing bride hydrangea"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you... I could walk through my garden forever." - Alfred Lord Tennyson.

To imagine a garden full of your endless beauty and color would be as timeless and classic as the act of walking itself. Hydrangeas, your perfectly variating petals and shapes emulate the abundance and joy that your complex depths permit to the growth of

From down into your roots to up in your blooms, the influence of your boldness ever changes with the very acidity of your foundation. The mixture of your soil gives life below our feet just so that we may see a mere change in your hues. 

The very shape of your petals mimicking that of the cherished butterflies, paling in comparison to many of our other garden flourishes. To simply be in awe of you, is to enjoy a lifetime of bated breath.

Yours Truly, 

Nature Hills Nursery 

How Could We Forget Flowering Cherry Trees?

autumn blooming cherry"Flowers enshrine my heart between their petals; that’s why my heartbeats love them so much." - Munia Khan.

Flowering Cherry Trees, what could we write to you that hasn’t already been written? Words as rich as your timelessness and as charming as your grace seems to escape us. The greatest words ever written in the name of love have been sculpted beneath your branches and stimulated by your sweet scent. 

Falling in sync with the flowering of your blooms is the opening of our hearts in anticipation of the love that has yet to come. Your fragrance, an overwhelming reminder that with the changing season of Spring is the opportunity to start anew. 

For whether love is first emerging or it simply has been lost, your presence persistently reminds of the hope in which love blooms. 

Affectionately Always,

Nature Hills Nursery

We Love You Fruit Trees & Bushes

heritage raspberry“A life without love is like a tree without fruit.” - Stephen King

Oh to be in suspense of you! Season after season we wait longingly for the harvest of your limbs, anticipating the very taste of your fruit. With the months passing in between we carefully watch over you, pruning your limbs to strengthen your roots. 

In the ways that your bounty fills our souls with the nectars of the Gods, we lovingly tend to your askings of more. Through your soil, through the sunshine, and through the tender caresses of our affection, we patiently wait for our next dance with you. A waiting so grand and fulfilling, to know the love that is returned by the very love that we have given. 

While there are many great loves to be had, and many great loves to be lost, there is no greater love than that which is returned. As we give unto you, we also delightfully receive. So generous and kind are your lemons, oranges, and more. A fruit for every season, simply asking for a little more tenderness so that we may receive a little more care.


Nature Hills Nursery

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So maybe Nature Hills is a little bit of a hopeless romantic too..we can’t help but to join in on the x’s and o’s that are Valentine’s Day when the above beauties of nature exist. 

Maybe our love letters will fall into place next to the most famous and sought after feelings or maybe they will stay hidden from the world only to express their words to those they were truly written for.

Happy Valentine’s Day from!

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