Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Keep Indoor Plants Healthy

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Keep Indoor Plants Healthy

LED Grow Light on Plants

Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are a huge boon for both ambient room lights and for growing plants indoors. LED light fixtures are extremely efficient and wind up saving you some serious money over their lifetime.

Baby your indoor plants with fully calibrated LED grow lights from NatureHills.com. Go ahead and support your showy Swiss Cheese Monstera plant…or supply your favorite local restaurant with super-fresh microgreens! 

NatureHills.com has you covered and we promise that no science degree is required! All you need to do is understand your options, place your order and open the box. Hang them where you want them and plug them in.

Give your indoor/outdoor Citrus trees a broad spectrum of both blue and red light. As you might remember from science class, flowering plants grow as they convert light into energy to develop new vegetative growth and flowering buds.

Peak photosynthesis occurs in the red and blue regions of the PBAR spectral range, and NatureHills.com LEDs include both. Choose between Sun White Spectrum or Sun White Pro Spectrum for many of our fixtures.

What's the difference? It depends on the plant requirements of the crop you are growing.

Sun White Spectrum mimics natural sunlight conditions with a high color rendering index (CRI) for increased photosynthesis and nice new growth. Remember, more leaves make more food for your plants!

Sun White Light Spectrum Graph

Sun White Pro Spectrum supports healthy vegetative growth, root development, tight internodal spacing and phytochemical production. Use this for indoor growing of specialty crops like Microgreens, Hemp and to start veggie seeds.

Sun White Pro Spectrum Graph

What Are LED Grow Lights and Why Do Plants Love Them?

LED provides excellent supplemental light intensity and can be the sole light source for high light lovers like Citrus. Of course, you can also turn off some bulbs for low light crops.

The best LED spectrum for your plants depends on your goals. After all, professional greenhouses use the light spectrums in different ways for different crops, and you can, too:

  • Do you want to prolong more lush vegetative foliage?
  • Are you interested in inducing flowering and supporting developing fruit?
  • Will you be starting seeds or annuals for the new growing season?

Greenhouse professionals use LED lighting to produce the finicky, bright-red Poinsettia you see every year around the Holidays. These plants need to have short days with limited light hours a day to initiate flowering, and long periods of light will prevent flowering.

The same thing holds true for Chrysanthemums and even Hemp. Use a timer with these plants to initiate flowering with day length or amount of light.

Start a Victory Garden from seed through finish and you'll grow some of the best green produce indoors under artificial light! Tomatoes, lettuce and more are being grown in LED lit greenhouses and hydroponic systems.

You Can Grow Citrus Fruit at Home wIth Energy-Efficient LED Grow Lights

Even if you live with frosty cold winters, you can keep Citrus trees in indoor/outdoor container culture. Read the Citrus Selection Guide for container-friendly cultivars

Supplement their demand for bright, natural light with LED grow lights from NatureHills.com. Our full spectrum grow lights work to really help boost Citrus fruiting production during the short, cloudy days of a Northern winter.

High light Houseplants like tender tropical Croton or waterwise Ponytail Palm will thank you for the additional photons! LED grow lights support plant growth, and some feature built-in aluminum reflectors which eliminate glare.

Good-bye Shop Lighting…We Won't Miss You!

Replace the annoying flickering and noisy buzzing of inefficient fluorescent bulbs with these high-performance fixtures. Use a daisy chain of end-to-end LED lights to cover a larger grow tent or vertical grow racks.

Go ahead and create the "grow room" of your dreams! Of course, these beautifully sleek lamps also offer big savings in energy costs.

Our professional-grade LED grow lights are perfectly calibrated to support the light requirements of your indoor plants. LED lighting is capable of producing a much broader spectrum of light for a lot less money, too.

Frankly, the high efficiency of advanced LED lighting solutions is a wise choice in terms of sustainability, too. It's kinder to both the planet and your pocketbook.

With lifetime energy savings of up to $960 for the largest fixture, isn't it time to rethink your artificial lighting? LED bulbs have truly been a gamechanger in the Green Horticulture Industry…give your precious plants the same kind of advantage!

NatureHills.com Makes Choosing a LED Spectrum Ridiculously Easy

With NatureHills.com grow lights, you can double your usable light frequency measured by Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) efficiency. Use them to surpass your production goals with 20% faster growth cycles.

Or, simply shine a spotlight on your incredible plant collection. The even, full-spectrum light makes your plants look amazing!

All without doing much more than positioning your light by their handy hanging rings. No advanced degree in plant science required…and you won't need a special rigging license to hang them, either!

Enjoy your healthy hobby with help from the helpful plant nerds at NatureHills.com. Visit our Grow Light section to get all the details you need to:

  • Plant your home sanctuary
  • Enjoy the zippy taste of homegrown Citrus fruit
  • Or, expand your commercial enterprise!

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