Get To Know Audubon® Native Bird-Friendly Plants

Get To Know Audubon® Native Bird-Friendly Plants


Introducing the Bird-friendly line of Audubon® Native Plants, Trees, and Shrubs! It’s easy to provide food and shelter for local and migrating birds, and other wildlife, while adding privacy and beauty to your landscape! 

Since 1905, Audubon® has envisioned a world where people and wildlife thrive! Audubon is a nonprofit conservation organization, and through state programs, nature centers, chapters, and partners, all have developed an unparalleled vision that reaches millions of people each year to inform, inspire, and unite diverse communities in conservation action!

Why Choose Bird-Friendly Native Plants For Your Garden?

Native plants are perfectly suited to their environment and handle anything your region, climate and weather can throw at them! The hardiness you’d expect from a tough local is only surpassed by their quality, beauty, and of course, their far-reaching benefits to your local pollinators, native bees, native and migratory birds, and other wildlife. Don’t forget the many benefits for people too!

  • For the Insects
  • For the Birds
  • Do it For You!
  • The Benefits Of Natives
  • Find the Right Ones For You!


Audubon® For the Insects

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By purchasing native flora, you attract beneficial insects and pollinators that become food for your native and migrating birds - and their chicks! Exotic and non-native plants just don’t attract the insects that birds recognize as food.

Native plants are also Host Plants for endangered or at-risk butterflies and pollinators! The larvae of these insects are supported by endemic plants and become beautiful butterflies and cool moths. These plants also attract beneficial insects and help to keep your local ecosystem in check.

You are also supporting native and wild bees! These in turn pollinate your vegetable gardens and orchards better!

For the Birds!


Bird-friendly natives are living recharging stations for birds passing through your area in spring and fall! They’re also vital resources for birds raising chicks. They provide safe shelter, nesting and roosting for birds all year long, becoming a sanctuary for overwintering birds and wildlife during harsh temperatures, snows and storms!

Non-native plants don’t produce the seeds and fruit that local birds recognize as food! Creating a food desert for wildlife! Their flowers are vital nectar resources for Hummingbirds, native bees and other pollinators! Many birds eat the catkins and buds, while others use the seed fluff to line their nests!

Do it For You!

We admit it, that new colored flower, different style shrub, or fancy tree will turn our heads too! But at what cost? They may look new and exciting, but you need to remember that the vast majority of hardy native plants are such that you’ve most likely not seen some of these hidden gems from the wilderness! They may look a bit more wild or leggy, but that is part of their charm!

It’s nothing a bit of pruning won’t fix.


Native plants are lower maintenance and easier to care for than exotic species which often can take so much more work, use more water, require pesticides, and need a lot of fussing over!

Natives are adapted to your region, and your local weather extremes once they are established. They’re adapted to your weather and climate, hardy to temperature changes and seasonal fluctuations. They just roll along with any changes because it’s in their genes!

Plus many of these plants produce fruit or nuts that we eat too! They’re beautiful and just as ornamental and beneficial to your garden and landscape as the imported plants.

The Benefits of Natives:

  • Helps American Bird Species Threatened by Climate Change
  • Reduces Noise Pollution
  • Privacy, Food, Shelter, Hedges, Specimen Plants & Shade
  • Less Mowing, Trimming & Fuel Consumption
  • Fewer Pests & Pesticide Use
  • Low Maintenance & Less Pampering
  • Saves Water & Drought Tolerant
  • Naturally Adapted to Flooding & Slows Water Runoff
  • Adaptable to Their Environment, Climate & Winters

Create Your Own Native Plant Garden

Save time, money, and energy, and save the environment from pesticides and dead zones devoid of birds and wildlife! By purchasing and planting native flora, you support the Audubon®’s conservation mission and impact, while helping birds, pollinators, and wildlife thrive!

Find the Right Ones For You!

Because Audubon® has already specifically selected these plants for your area for you, they’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the right plants! Find out by Checking Here to learn which are suitable for your region! And find Native Plants For Your State at Nature Hills as well!

Audubon® is proud to grow their perennials, trees, and shrubs free of Neonicotinoid sprays, further ensuring the safety of your birds, pollinators, and wildlife ... and you!

Preserving our great natural heritage for future generations, while preserving our shared quality of life, helps foster a healthier environment for us all! Head over to to start reintroducing hardy native plants today!

Audubon® is licensed & registered to the National Audubon Society.

Happy Planting!

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