Garden Blogs you Should be Following

Garden Blogs you Should be Following

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Ok, besides ours obviously. 

You can never have enough garden inspiration and often learning from those in your growing zones, and those who have first hand experience designing your own personal dream garden, are exactly who you should look to. 

We’ve got a lot of information packed into the Nature Hills Garden blog, but if you’re looking for more, we have some suggestions. Blogs we learn things from and others we read for fun to get those insider gardening tips. 

Notice we’re specifying blogs here. We have a lot of love for the magazines too but they get a category all their own.

2021 Garden Blogs to Read

  Pretty Pruple Door logo

1. Pretty Purple Door

Gardeing out of Northeast Pennsylvania, Amy Fedele runs a tip top blog useful to those in and outside of USDA Growing Zone 6B. 

From a 6 step guide to designing your backyard landscape to tips and tricks for staking tall flowers, Pretty Purple Door has enough on her blog along to keep you learning for hours. Not to mention Amy’s always hard at work putting together new ideas and garden projects that’ll keep you coming back for me.

Don’t forget to check out the Free Treaining Webinars to see why publications like BuzzFeed, Country Living Magazine, and Living Easy Yards have featured Pretty Purple Door time and time again over the years. 

A Way to Garden logo

2. A Way to Garden

Not to be confused with “Away to Garden,” stopping by this corner of the internet is a real treat. That’s because Margaret Roach has been writing about gardening for 30 years. That’s a lot of experience!

She uses her blog to bless us with ways to combat the August garden lull and to educate us on the best ways to propagate ferns (we love ferns!). 

If you’re more into listening to your gardening advice, you’re in luck. A Way To Garden has a podcast available on most streaming platforms. Definitely check her out--she’s the real deal.

root simple logo

3. Root Simple

Switching coasts, Root Simple is serving up landscape and garden design inspiration out of Los Angeles, California. Co-authors Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen are urban gardeners with a quaint small space garden who show us you don’t have to have a lot of space to garden successfully. 

Follow along as they transform an unused piece of their yard into a pretty and practical rain garden. The two authors really immerse you in their journey and have even posted an update on how it’s doing!

This is another blog with an accompanying podcast. Listen right on their website to learn from Mr. Homegrown himself along with a wide range of guest stars! 

Garden Therapy Logo

4. Garden Therapy

While, technically outside of the United States, Stephanie Rose, creator of Garden Therepy, is a trained Master Gardener in British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. She took up gardening to help heal from illness. 

We’re glad she picked up gardening because we learn something new from her blog with each post. From Perennial tips like Echinacea Care Guides to fun outdoor crafts, Stephanie and her crew do it all from her middle sizes garden. 

Find garden ideas on growing anything and everything from trees and shrubs to herbs and vegetables. This is a blog you’ll want to check out if DIY’s set your heart aflutter. 

Red Dirt Ramblings logo

5. Red Dirt Ramblings

We wouldn’t want to leave out our midwest and southern gardeners! Born, raised, and gardening out of Oklahoma, Dee Nash started Red Dirt Ramblings as a way to express herself while raising her kids.

She and her husband tackle any and all gardening projects all the while writing them down and sharing with us what has worked for them an what hasn’t. 

Red Dirt Ramblings gives readers a fairly good idea of what it’s like to garden somewhere the whether can be wholly unpredictable. Dee shows off her rain soaked garden when she can and often references the memorable summer of 2011 where there wasn’t a single drop of rain to be had for months at a time. 

Whether you’re in a cold climate, living it up in the heat, or hanging out somewhere inbetween, great garden blogs can be a valuable resource. Learning from those who have already done it saves time and gets you living in your dream garden faster.

Loving what you see here? Take a couple minutes to browse our blog categories. They’re filled to the brim with horticulturist approved information. You might just find your next project!

Happy Planting! 

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