Change Out Container Gardens to Celebrate Autumn

Change Out Container Gardens to Celebrate Autumn

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Have you spied the hottest new garden design trend in your neighborhood? It’s time to start changing out your container gardens to reflect the beauty of each season!

Transforming container gardens at your front door and your patio is easy and fun. Use featured, seasonal plant materials to help you celebrate every season at your home.


Seasonal Container Gardens Make Beautiful Memories

A few weeks ago, we gave you easy tips and tricks for the latest trends in container gardens for the height of the summer season.

How have your container gardens weathered the summer? Perhaps it’s time to do a bit of freshening up of your pots. Some annuals outgrow their space, leaving leggy growth with fewer leaves and limited flowering.

Now is the time to start popping some of your tired plants out of your containers. Fill back in with flowering kale, mums and asters, ornamental grasses, fresh pansies, alyssum or ornamental peppers. These are all excellent choices!

Don't be afraid to use perennials in your containers. Nestle wild-looking gourds and jazzy pumpkins into the design and placed at the base of your containers for a welcome autumn transformation.


Fun Fall House Decor

For fall decorations, place pumpkins in a hanging basket. Paint a series of pumpkins with blackboard chalk, then use white paint to spell out a welcoming message that visitors will read as they head towards your door. Paint the stems of your pumpkins with exterior gold paint to add a bit of bling.

Start scouring garage sales to upcycle old garden tools, such as rakes, shovels or hand cultivators. Tie a funky collection together with burlap ribbon and place it next to your fall containers. We’ve even seen old ironing boards, wheelbarrows and ladders used to create a very effective fall display. Have fun decorating for this short season!

Use tiny trees in seasonal containers both inside and out. Check out the web and around town for fantastic ideas to springboard from and make them your own. Enjoy!


Try Using Live Trees as Living Seasonal Décor

Nature Hills has something special for your home this year. We’ve taken popular evergreens like junipers, hollies and spruce trees and expertly trimmed them into specialty topiary forms.

What incredible living decorations you’ll love from fall all the way through winter! Now is the time to try those elegant spiral forms, spirited pom poms or festive pyramidal forms to highlight the beauty of the season at your home. Dress them up for each holiday!

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