Best in Show in Your Yard?

Best in Show in Your Yard?

It is kind of interesting how each growing season can affect your annuals and perennials as well as your trees and shrubs.  Weather can affect plants greatly from year to year.  New cultivars are released yearly so until you grow them yourself you will not know how they perform until you try them.   

Usually by early July you know which plants you will want to use again.

Annuals are great plants to add color to any landscape or in your containers.  Some annuals need to have the dead flowers cut off to have them continue making new flowers.  Some annuals are sterile and will not make seed and will keep making flowers without deadheading.  Some annuals get mildew or insect problems and others are powerful bloomers with little additional help.  

Annuals grown in Denver CO will perform differently than they do in Mobile AL.  Catalogs won’t show that, but you can be your own best source for what does well in your yard with your climate.

For today’s tip, we are suggesting you make a note of the best-looking annuals you have used in your yard so far, this year and shared then with us so we can see what is performing best in what region.  Look at your neighbors, and what was planted in your local commercial plantings too. 

Some of our favorites here in the Midwest are Dragon Wing and Big Whopper Begonias, SunPatiens, Angelonias, some of the new Coleus selections for sun or shade, and Calibrachoa.  What do you like?

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