Baby weeds are better than big weeds

Baby weeds are better than big weeds

The planting process for shrubs, trees, petunias or tomato plants will bring new weed seeds up to the surface.  Whenever you disturb the soil, new weed seeds are brought to the surface. As soon as the seed comes to the surface, they will sprout. 

Grab your hoe and let them know who is boss!  Attacking your weeds when they are tiny is much easier than waiting until they get big. The time it takes to remove tiny weeds is minimal and can be easily cleaned up with much less time. 

Whether the weeds are in your garden, or even in mulched beds… a quick once over with the tool of your choice will eliminate the baby weeds before they become overwhelming. Stay ahead of the game.

Below you see some bindweed just starting to grow. Remove at this stage before they start winding around other plants where they become almost impossible to eliminate.

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