A Plan To Achieve “2021 Garden Ready” Status

A Plan To Achieve “2021 Garden Ready” Status

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Wait, we should be planning our gardens and landscapes? 

Yes, you should be! These things take time and major patience to perfect. You do want those passing by to stop and marvel at the work you’ve done right? 

Maybe you’re in a friendly warfare with that one neighbor who always out does the whole block? 

Or could you be trying to impress the new in-laws with perceived-to-be tip-top shape landscape designs? We’ve all been there. So let’s get started!

Think of the outdoor spaces as a wonderful canvas to paint. Blend together lights and darks, smoothly outline the sides, and attract eyes to wanted pivot points. 

Before you are a fully engulfed garden artist, different plants have different needs and it’s your job to cater to them! Mapping out the desired growing areas on your property is a good place to start. 

Knowing how much sunlight is received, the types of soil present, and where the Earth naturally slopes will be helpful in determining which plants are suited best for each area.

If you’re looking into fruit and vegetable gardens, calculating the amount of food wanted per person could provide maximum potential for an organized, healthy, and beautiful garden.

No one likes to waste those extra oranges barely hanging on the tree!

Moving forward, applying the “garden buddy system” is a must-have. Yes, we made that up but it works wonders. Some plants just don’t fancy living next to other plants. 

Petite plants don’t appreciate being near taller ones because they tend to hog all the warm sunlight. Dwarf Fountain Grass would rather not be drowned by an Arctic Fire Dogwood since their water preferences vary. 

Be sure to know all the details of your plants so that you can place them near the best neighbors!

When exactly are you supposed to start planning? You should be planning your 2021 landscape as we speak. No worries, we have you covered in this blog on how to commence.

Your Upscale 2021 Landscape Awaits

Design A Layout:

Whether you already have a layout, looking to add to it, or starting completely from scratch, designing is a crucial first step. It’s like the lovely first layer of strawberry yogurt in a breakfast parfait. 

Then as you have the time and the budget permits, you can add more plants! A little secret between the two of us.. you can never have too many plants!

Fruit and vegetable gardens appreciate being grown in raised beds. Make these elegant with stained pieces of wood or crafty by rejuvenating an old metal water tank! 

Shift and move garden beds with Sunshine Blue Blueberries and York Elderberries in an arrangement that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Zig-zags, stacked, or shaped cutouts are our favorite ways to transform a garden design into trendy.

Garden tip reminder: be sure to place the beds in an area that your plants enjoy! The growing season will reward you for the hard work.

Maybe you need an excuse to finally grow a live privacy screen around your property for complete serenity. Trees and Shrubs are masters at this; big or small, they can do it all!

Plan out how a line of a few Green Giant Arborvitaes will pop around a landscape. Then bask in the peaceful silentness while sipping a cup of coffee on your front porch.

Add in a strike of color with a Miss Kim Lilac or a few surrounding property lines. The sweet fragrance of lavender flowers will flow freely among your senses. 

Fertilizer & Mulch:

After the harshness of winter passes, planting season will be in full swing and hitting the ground running. No time should be wasted on preparing the growing area! 

Remove dead leaves that have piled high above the soil so that you can add Plant Fertilizer and mulch! This helps build soil with nutrients and aid water retention. 

You’ll want to add the mulch mid to late spring as the soil begins to warm up.

However, it can be a long time before those nutrients are broken down into a way that plants can actually use them. That’s why you plan ahead! 

Then you can add in a compost pile, mulch, and other organic materials to further the preparation. 

Don't forget that shredded woody material produced when arborists grind up trees, are sometimes given away for free to homeowners, and this makes fantastic mulch for your plants!

Plant Saving & Orders: 

Being garden ready for spring also means having the seeds to actually plant in a style garden! You’ll want to start ordering your desired plants soon and here’s why. 

The world of gardening, along with edible landscaping, is super trendy right now! What an amazing thing!

We work tirelessly with growers to make sure there are plenty of plants but sometimes your favorites are all snatched up by the time spring rolls around. Buying now ensures you’ll get that fragrant Julia Child™ Rose or devilishly handsome Bloodgood Japanese Maple you’ve been eyeing.

Hey, now that you’re in on the skinny, jump on our website to order shrubs, trees, perennials and more for your trendy garden and landscape. During the winter, we’ll simply hold your plants and ship them to you come spring.

 Keep your eye out for exciting new plants in production at Nature Hills!

We become an incredible resource for plant lovers all across the country with accurate plant culture information from planting to pruning, hardiness and requirements to make the plants grow well, and how to use the plants in your landscape with plenty of tips and tricks!

With proper preparation, the landscape of your most desired dreams can be achieved with ease! Don’t wait for 2021, let's get this garden party started!

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