The 5 Best Botanical Gardens to Visit in the Eastern United States

The 5 Best Botanical Gardens to Visit in the Eastern United States

Botanical Gardens to Visit on the East Coast

#5 New York Botanical Garden (Bronx, NY)

This little oasis is a great place to bring the family for a day of adventure, relaxation, and discovery. With a whopping 27 distinct garden exhibits across their 250 acres, this garden is likely to have just what you're looking for. Roses to orchids, crapapples to conifers, and conservatory, adventure garden, or wetlands trail: why choose? New York Botanical Garden has is all.


#4 Brooklyn Botanical Garden (Brooklyn, NY)

That's right: the Big Apple is big enough for more than one massive botanical garden! Just across the water you'll find the lovely Brooklyn Botanical Garden, replete with its own adventures. Check out the Bonzai Museum to see these works of living art (maybe even get inspired to start your own bonzai garden!) After that, explore the garden's many indoor pavillions to send your imagination on a journey to the desert, the tropics, and more- All in one afternoon!  



#3 Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (Boothbay, ME)

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens opened up for visitors in 2007. True to its name, the Gardens span 270 acres of tidal shoreland. The Gardens' mission is to preserve, protect, and display the natural beauty of coastal Maine. They do this by showcasing native flora and natural landscapes in a delicate balance with man-made paths and the region's unique architecture.   


national garden landscape

#2 United States Botanic Garden (Washington, DC)

Established by the U.S. Congress in 1820, this living museum promotes the aesthetic, cultural, economic, therapeutic and ecological importance of plants to the well-being of humans. The United States Botanic Garden teaches the method and value of conservation while also providing a uniquely beautiful experience for visitors. Within the national garden and conservatory, you'll find all sorts of varieties of plants, from the rarest to the most common, from around the world. For more in-depth information about the garden and its sustainability efforts, or to plan your visit, check out their awesome website.  


clivia miniata longwood debutante landscape longwood poppies            

#1 Longwood Gardens (Kennett Square, PA)

This massive property began budding as an arboretum for over 200 years. Under the loving eye of its former owner Pierre S. du Pont, it became a public garden with exhibits inspired by gardens from around the world. Within its astounding 1077 acres are 4.5 acres of heated greenhouse conservatories, 20 indoor gardens, and 20 outdoor gardens. This garden is so prolific, many of its flowers are signature species, bred within its grounds. Every year in March, blue poppies bloom in their heated conservatory. These rare flowers were once thought to be a myth, but at Longwood gardens you can see them (and so, so much more) with your own eyes.

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