Willow Tree Care

Willow trees are amazing, but you should learn the best places to site them in your landscape. Don't make more work for yourself, instead, make a good planting choice. Then, sit back and enjoy their relaxing characteristics. Nothing adds sound and motion to your yard better than a fast-growing Willow.
  1. Learn How to Use Fast-Growing Willow Trees

    Willow Trees

    Did you know there are over 400 different kinds of trees and shrubs in the Salix genus?

    We get a lot of calls from our customers looking for Willows to plant in their landscape. Willows are very popular, because they are so fast growing.

    They can grow in most any soil including very wet areas - and even soils or land that can flood on occasion. Most people have seen a large Weeping Willow growing alongside a pond or riverbank and love these incredible specimen trees.

    Willows are also used for those people who love to come home to a nice glass of wine on the patio and just chill out. You’d be amazed how relaxing it is to watch your swaying Willow tree.

    Kids adore Willow trees, because the branches make natural swings. Please keep a watch out, but what fun memories to create with the little ones.

    Read on to learn how to site a Willow properly. Please use caution when considering where to place a Willow. We want you to love your tree, not get mad at i

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