Tree Care

  1. Growing & Caring for Pomegranate Trees

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    Juicy jewel-like nuggets nestled inside a tough leathery exterior, the Pomegranate tree and its antioxidant-rich fruit brighten both your garden and your diet! Bold red, orange or yellow flowers and lovely fine-textured foliage, Pomegranates are ornamental

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  2. Re-thinking Fall Cleanup - Getting Your Garden Ready for Fall!

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    The air is getting cooler, the garden is winding down and a year's worth of leaves beaten and battered by storms and sun are ready for a long winter's rest. Falls leaves are brown now and ornamental grasses are turning tan, and flower heads turning into

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  3. What Can you Plant in July? Is it too Late to Plant?

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    "Is it too late to plant?" is a question that Nature Hills Nursery gets quite often throughout the growing seasons!

    Late springs, early hot summers, vacations, life in general … There are many reasons to miss the prime planting window in your a

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  4. Everything You Need to Know About Street Trees!

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    The Boulevard! Defined by its overlapping canopy of high-arching tree limbs that cool and shade your drive. Enveloping you in class as you drive down the shaded living tunnel they create. Once great street trees like Elms, Maples, Oaks, and Sycamores

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  5. #ProPlantTips For Care: How to Prune a Persimmon Tree!

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    Pretty Persimmons! The closer-to-home exotic-looking fruit you don’t expect to see while hiking, but their unmistakable fall fruit can be seen standing out against the fall leaves from afar! American Persimmon

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  6. Deer Resistant Landscape Design Plans

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    We know how frustrating it can be. You plant a few new trees, paired with fresh shrubs, and walk outside the next morning with a hot cup of soothing coffee just to see bark peeled off, broken branches and even devoured flowers on your nearby shrubs. Maybe

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  7. All You Need to Know About Fertilizing a Fig Tree

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    Unique, healthful, decadent, and used as fashionable clothing in Biblical times. Figs have been a 'fig'ment of our collective imagination in literature, poetry, works of art and culinary uses for centuries!

    From its ornamental beauty and delicious

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  8. Shade Trees: Using Plants to Cool Your World

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    The summer sun can take its toll on you, your home's cooling costs and on your landscape! How can you fix it without moving someplace colder?

    Plant Trees!

    “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they s

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  9. Keep Young Trees Straight and Protect From Trunk Damage

    Solutions for young trees, including staking, watering and wrapping!

    We love trees as much as you do! Our team of growers has searched for just the right tree staking system; and love the

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  10. Choosing the Right Japanese Maple Varieties

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    A #ProPlantTips Tree Selection Guide

    The unparalleled good looks of Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) trees are truly exquisite. Each variety has their own unique charm!

    This short list is by no means complete! We

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