Tree Care

  1. Easy Evergreen Tree Identification Part 1: Pine Trees!


    Need to tell the difference between a Pine and a Fir? How does a Hemlock differ from a Yew? 


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  2. Snow: Natural Insulation, and its Free

    snow bush

    That fluffy white stuff will be falling over the landscape soon, or perhaps it is already blanketing yours! Don’t grumble much while picking up the shovel this year because that blanket is just that - an insulating layer that protects plants all winter l

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  3. What to Plant Instead of an Ash Tree


    Fine-textured and easy-to-grow Ash trees (Fraxinus) were one of the most popular street and landscaping trees in the US for many years! With airy greenish blooms and winged seed pods, their pointed foliage cast shade over many a garden until recently. 

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  4. What Tree to Plant Instead of Russian Olive Trees!

    olive tree

    With soft sage green foliage and fine texture, the Russian Olive Tree is common to see growing along roadside and highway ditches. These scrubby-looking, wild trees may not look the greatest in these areas but a cared-for Russian Olive in the landscape

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  5. Your Evergreens Drop Foliage In The Fall Too!


    Are your coniferous evergreens turning yellow or brown in their interior or dropping needles this time of year? Did you just receive an evergreen

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  6. Why Planting Trees Too Deep is Bad

    planting a tree

    Fall is approaching and it's almost prime tree-planting season! While you can plant a tree at almost any time of the year, the fall is

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  7. The Differences in Maple Tree Varieties!

    maple tree

    Gorgeous Maple Trees are showing off their deep green lobed foliage this time of year and are gearing up for their fall wardrobe change! These mighty ornamentals are incredible shade and lawn trees, impressive wildlife trees, and bring so much joy whether

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  8. #ProPlantTips: How to Care for & Grow Birch Trees

    Birch Trees

    Gorgeous trees with their Iconic peeling bark, finely-textured leaves, and unique features, the graceful Birch Tree is a landscape and woodland favorite!

    Often displaying multiple trunks or multi-branching forms, these deciduous trees boost curb

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  9. Everything You Need to Know About Tree Trunk Protection

    tree trunk

    Protect the trunk of your young and vulnerable trees! 

    The trunk transports minerals and moisture between the roots and the canopy, plus it is the main support for the branches. Beneath the bark (tree skin) is a thin green layer, called the

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  10. Top 5 Most Fragrant Trees

    large blog header

    The wafting sweet and fruity fragrances from the petals of trees and shrubs add an extra level of enjoyment to your landscape. It's just one of the unseen, but profoundly felt, finishing touches a well-planned garden strives for! While plants use scent

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