Perennial Care

  1. Planting & Transplanting Iris Plants

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    Unique and upright, the dramatic Iris plant is an incredibly versatile and adaptable ornamental perennial that has captivated gardeners for centuries! Gently spreading and colonizing areas in your garden and adding an elegant touch anywhere it is planted,

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  2. Perennials to Plant for Fall Color Every Year!

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    There are so many perennial plants that show off incredible fall color, colorful autumn berries - and even late-season blooms - right up until a hard frost! Fall planting season is upon us now, so don’t let another year slip past you! 

    Plant t

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  3. Growing & Caring For Hibiscus Plants!

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    Tropical beauty and poolside décor standards, the gorgeous Hibiscus family features lush green foliage and those eye-catching colorful satellites that can pick up attention from miles away! The

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  4. There's Just Something About a Hardy Hibiscus!

    Red Hardy Hibiscus

    Big tropical blooms and lush greenery. Hardy Hibiscus are cold-tolerant selections of the native Rose Mallow family. They are long-lasting blooms that return every year! Major draws for pollinators and even attracting hummingbirds, the blooms stand out

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  5. Peony Care After Flowering

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    Peonies are amazing herbaceous perennials! After the gorgeous insanely fragrant blooms with their divinely flouncy petals brighten your spring, the lush bushy foliage can create a strong backdrop for your garden and create low hedges all growing season!

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  6. Top 5 Prettiest Peony Varieties!

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    Peonies have been grown for thousands of years and were in cultivation in China more than 2000 years ago. The Greeks, Japanese, and Emperor Charlemagne, and 15 century English literature, all mentioned or used Peonies for beauty or medical purposes. 

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  7. How to Pick the Right Sedum for Your Garden!

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    With upwards of 500 different Sedum varieties, this Crassilaceae family member, also commonly known as Stonecrops, are now offered in so many colors, growing zones, and sizes for the home gardener and commercial landscaper to choose from!


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  8. Caring For & Transplanting Daylilies!

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    Daylilies, or Hemerocallis, are perennials

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  9. Snow: Natural Insulation, and its Free

    Snow on plants in the garden

    It’s only natural for us plant nerds to try growing things that may or may not be perfectly hardy for our climates. Or, maybe it’s a prized perennial or specimen, a favorite Rose, or other plants that would benefit from some additional winter protection?

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  10. #ProPlantTips On Planting Bareroot Peonies

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    Peonies have always been a garden favorite, but bareroot Peonies are a great value and fall is a great time to plant them! Because of this perennial’s magnificent flowers come early spring and early summer, more and more gardeners are adding them to t

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