Ornamental Grass Care

  1. Can You Plant Grass Seed in the Fall?

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    Has the Lawn seen better days? Has the summer heat and sun (or the kiddie pool and the new puppy) left some bare patches and thin spots after a summer with too little rain? 

    Lucky for you Fall is the

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  2. Dear Plants, We're Thankful For You!

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    This Thanksgiving, we've decided to have a little fun! Shopping at NatureHills.com means dreaming about, selecting, growing and loving on beautiful plants of all shapes, sizes and "superpowers".

    Since 2001, we've shipped high-quality landscape

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  3. Landscaping With Ornamental Grasses

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    Imagine a garden of flowing, swaying, undulating plants that respond to the slightest breeze! Your garden should be as much about motion and texture as it is color and fragrance! So when you are designing your garden beds and landscape, don’t leave o

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  4. Planting Ornamental Grasses

    The narrow purplish brown inflorescences contrast well against the green foliage during mid to sometimes late summer

    Planting ornamental grasses successfully begins with soil preparation on a site that has good drainage. Ideally, the soil should be prepared in the fall. Begin by deep tilling the soil. The fall tillage improves the soil till workability. Spring tillage

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