Maple Tree Care

  1. #ProPlantTips: The Maple Tree Root System

    Pro Plants tips

    At first glance, the astonishing crimson red leaves of tall Maple trees take our breath far enough away that we instantly decide then and there that a few would look absolutely incredible planted in the landscape. 


    We can tell you that that much is true. They will be the show stoppers of the fall season and continue shining green in summer and spring. But what people fail to notice is that some maple trees have extensive system of roots!


    This can literally put a bump in the road..but with these #ProPlantTips, you’ll be an expert on all things maple tree root systems in no time.


    Do All Maples Have Invasive Roots?

    No way! They have an abundant variety in their roots including some trees with compact roots and others with spreading. 

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  2. Planting Maple Trees

    Planting Sugar Maple Trees

    Planting maple trees can be a very straightforward process. It is similar to the act of planting most other trees. There are some considerations, however, to understand before planting maple trees. First of all is the root system of maple trees. Some maple trees, like the Silver maple, have very intrusive root systems. They can grow large and often break or destroy sidewalks, or basement walls. They should be planted away from such areas. Gardeners or landscapers interested in planting maple trees should also consider the location in relation to other plants.

    Some maple trees, such as the Norway maple, have a root system that is just below the surface of the soil. These maple trees would compete with any plants nearby for the nutrients and water in the soil. When planting maple trees near existing plants, it is important to know that the existing plants may die from lack of nutrients, or they may kill the maple tree.

    Planting maple trees should be done in the spring months, when the soil is moist and not very cold. The hole should be dug large enough to house the entire root system, and not be too crowded. The roots should be planted firmly, with the soil pressed down, to support the weight of the growing tree. When planting maple trees that are younger, a stake may be required to protect the plant from wind or other natural circumstances.

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