Maple Tree Care

  1. The Differences in Maple Tree Varieties!

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    Gorgeous Maple Trees are showing off their deep green lobed foliage this time of year and are gearing up for their fall wardrobe change! These mighty ornamentals are incredible shade and lawn trees, impressive wildlife trees, and bring so much joy whether

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  2. 6 Steps For Planting Maple Trees

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    The mighty Maple has graced front and back yards and has been a beloved fall color and shade tree for centuries! At first glance,

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  3. Choosing the Right Japanese Maple Varieties

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    A #ProPlantTips Tree Selection Guide

    The unparalleled good looks of Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) trees are truly exquisite. Each variety has their own unique charm!

    This short list is by no means complete! We

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  4. #ProPlantTips: The Maple Tree Root System

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    At first glance, the astonishing crimson red leaves of tall Maple trees take our breath far enough away that we instantly decide then and there that a few would look absolutely incredible planted in the landscape. 


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