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  1. 5 Astonishing Native Plants for the Southeast United States

    Southeast United States

    The Southeast United States is home to some beautiful places to visit. These locations are home some incredible native plants thriving with little recognition.

    Today, we'll talk about five native plants from the Southeast United States. Native plants are defined as plants that have been established in a given area for hundreds of years. This definition is often paired with a geographic location, like the Southeast US. It is challenging to pinpoint an exact geographical boundary, as plants do not follow the same boundaries people do, so we will just limit it to the Southeast in general - zones 7 through 10.

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  2. 5 Incredible Native Plants to the Northeastern USA


    The Northeast US is home to many amazing places and sights. It's also home to some amazing native plants.  Today, we'll talk about five native plants suitable for the Northeast US. For this article, we are defining native plants as plants that have been established in a given area for hundreds of years. This definition is often paired with a geographic location, like the Northeast US. The Northeast US contains USDA zones 3-6, and all of these plants are suitable for planting within these zones. There may be other environmental conditions to take into account when choosing plants.

    Canadian Heml

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  3. Sienna Francis House Landscaping Project

    Team Picture Nature Hills Nursery, King Green Landscaping, and Sienna Francis House Team Picture

    Last year, the Sienna Francis House reached out to us to see if we were willing to help them redo their entrance to the women's shelter. The entrance didn't look the greatest and they felt it needed to be redone. They have a lot of ladies living there that liked to garden and were interested in doing more. We thought that this would be a great way to give back to the community, so we reached out to our friends at King Green Landscaping to see if they would be interested in helping. They thought this would be a great project to do with us, and offered to help. We provided the plants and they provided the expertise and ma

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  4. Top 10 Best Plants for Shade

    Shaded LandscapingShade is a blessing and a curse to the gardener.  Nothing is as refreshing as a shady nook on a hot summer day, but nothing is as challenging to plant as a shady nook, right? To help make it easier on you we want to provide a list of the top ten plants for shade, whether it's dry shade, full shade, deep shade or dappled shade. We're sure you will find something to make your shade garden sing!

    Hosta In The Shade


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  5. Top 10 Salt Tolerant Plants


    Here at Nature Hills we often get asked about specific plants for specific locations.  Some questions we get frequently are, "What kind of plants do well in salty conditions?  What are good salt tolerant trees, shrubs, perennials and bushes?"

    It's interesting because of the wide range of areas that this question comes from. There's the usual suspects - Florida, the Gulf Coast, South Texas and California.  Then there's the not-so-expected places like Minnesota, Chicago and Pennsylvania. Why those places? It's because the salt there isn't salt spray from the ocean, but salt build-up from winter de-icing on the roads. That kind of salt can be just as damaging as ocean spray. When salt lands on the leaves of a plant or is washed into the soil, a process happens where the water in th

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  6. Top 5 Best Smelling Perennials For Your Home

    Smell is essential in choosing perennials, flowers that bloom more than one year, for a home garden. Flowers give off scent to attract pollinators. These scents enrich our landscape.  

    Lilac Bloom

    5. Lilacs: strong fragrant flowers These sweet-smelling beautiful blooms range in colors from pink to purple. They grow in zones 3-7. The best planting time is in the fall or spring. These perennials grow in the spring and summer. Their perfume will attract butterflies to your garden.   

      lily of the valley

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  7. Top 6 Gardening Magazines To Subscribe To

    Receiving gardening magazines in the mail is a thrill for the gardener, whether you are an old pro or a newbie. There is something inspiring about seeing what gardeners - professional and amateur both - are doing across the country. Here is a list of our 6 favorites for 2016:  

     Fine Gardening

    Fine Gardening - This magazine has been the gold standard of gardening mags for years. Gorgeous photographs, drool worthy gardens and enough attitude to make you feel like you're better than other gardeners just because you have it on your coffee table.  

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  8. Top 5 Trees to Make Your Neighbors Jealous!

    We often get asked about "statement" plants. These are plants that will add some "oomph" to your garden, spice things up, or refresh a tired landscape. Plants that will make your neighbors jealous! To answer that call we dug deep into our plant collection and offer up 5 plants that definitely fit the bill. Check these out and see if you need to plant one of these in your garden this spring to make the neighbors do a double-take.


    Lavender Twist

    Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud - Redbuds are one of those classic native American plants that never fails to impress every spring. When the deep purple b

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  9. The Top 10 Gardening Facebook Accounts

    For gardening experts, enthusiasts, and beginners alike, Facebook is one of the best places to find great advice, tips, ideas, and even ask questions. We have selected our favorite Facebook accounts for gardening. Each account provides a different perspective and covers different topics.  The accounts have quite a solid following already, so you know they are doing something right!  We decided not to rank them in any certain order since each account is so specialized; it is hard to compare them.    Gardenista

    Gardenista - This site is created by former New York Times columnist Michelle Slatalla. This site provides a tremendous amount of information and several articles about unorthodox gardening id

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  10. Top 10 Gardeners to Follow On Pinterest

    We know you love seeing gorgeous gardens and thrifty DIY during your Pinterest escapades, so we gathered a list of Pinners who are sure to deliver. If you are a craftsmith, a green thumb gardener, decorating a new space, or looking to charge your fantasy-landscape wanderlust, check these guys out: 


    Katherine A

    @happysolez "Helping awesome people find awesome fashion inspiration, recipes, decor, quotes, and more! Named Top Pinner by Huffington Post + InStyle!"

    Located in Carbondale, IL

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