Iris Care

  1. Planting & Transplanting Iris Plants

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    When an Iris is purchased, it will be either in bulb or rhizome form. If the Iris is in bulb form, planting it is just like planting any other bulb plant.

    Planting Iris bulbs should be done at a depth of about three inches, making sure that the bulb is facing pointed side up. Plant Iris in fall. It will be dormand in winter and grow the next spring. 

    Iris rhizome

    When planting Iris in rhizome form, do not plant them too deep. The upper 1/3 of the rhizome should be exposed to the sunlight. 

    How to Plant Your German Bearded Iris Rhizome

    1. Select a sunny spot where the soil is well drained
    2. Dig a hole about a foot across and deep
    3. Mound soil up in the bottom of the hole back up to about 8 inches or
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