Hibiscus Care

  1. Growing & Caring For Hibiscus Plants!

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    Tropical beauty and poolside décor standards, the gorgeous Hibiscus family features lush green foliage and those eye-catching colorful satellites that can pick up attention from miles away! The

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  2. There's Just Something About a Hardy Hibiscus!

    Red Hardy Hibiscus

    Big tropical blooms and lush greenery. Hardy Hibiscus are cold-tolerant selections of the native Rose Mallow family. They are long-lasting blooms that return every year! Major draws for pollinators and even attracting hummingbirds, the blooms stand out

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  3. Growing Hibiscus

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    Growing hibiscus is not an arduous task. The occasional gardener can grow hardy hibiscus with good success by following a few simple suggestions. The first task for growing hibiscus is to select an appropriate site. The plant site should have adequate

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  4. Pruning Hibiscus

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    Pruning hibiscus is not normally needed for the hardy hibiscus. Actually, these plants are herbaceous perennials, meaning their tops die down to the ground each winter, but new shoots will come roaring back into lush growth when soils warm the following

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