Groundcover, Vine and Fern Care

  1. Dividing Clematis

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    Big unearthly blooms, unique color and form, and elegant climbing tendrils, Clematis have captured our hearts with their stunning beauty since they

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  2. Planting Tips for Honeysuckle Vine

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    The scent of heaven! Honeysuckle Vines are incredibly easy-to-grow and vibrantly flowered woody perennial Vines that make vertical gardening a snap! Their vibrant colors, sweet fragrance, and unusual tubular-shaped blooms delight onlookers both young

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  3. Top 5 Fruiting Vines & Vine-Like Plants You Need To Grow!

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    Growing your fruit vertically is indeed a space-saving method to include fresh fruit in your garden! Big or small areas, porches, and even balconies can grow their own fresh treats in any

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  4. #ProPlantTips: How to Take Care of Grass Plugs

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    You’ve just planted your new Grass Plugs! Now your yard looks like a patchwork grid of grassy tufts amid a sea of soil. At the moment, it looks less than stellar … but only at first. Soo

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  5. How to Easily Install Grass Plugs!

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    Spring is the time when you step out into your winter-ravaged lawn and say "What the heck happened here?!"

    It's also the time to plant grass plugs and reclaim your yard, transforming

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  6. 9 Great Low-Growing Flowering Plants!

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    Low growers, living mulch, ground cover plants! They’re the finishing touches for your garden, fill bare spots, and are in general landscaping must-haves!

    Generally staying under 2 feet tall and growing far wider, ground cover plants and low-growing p

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  7. #ProPlantTips: How to Grow & Train Clematis

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    Gorgeous, unearthly blooms, Clematis are vining flowering perennials that become smothered in colorful unusual blossoms and are reliable vertical ornamentals!

    So easy to grow, so beautiful, and so very useful in the landscape. Both deciduous and

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  8. The Complete Guide For Wisteria Care

    Blue Wisteria Vine

    If you've purchased or are perhaps considering purchasing one of the fantastic Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree, or maybe an

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  9. The Complete Guide For Taking Care of Boston Ivy

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    Fall color, flowers, berries and fast growth, this iconic, ornamental vine is an award-winning specimen and backdrop that has it all! Light up your landscape while hiding eyesores with a plant that gives you three seasons of beauty plus a ton of perks

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  10. Terrariums For Plants & How To Build One!

    What is a Terrarium?

    4 Types of Terrarium Plants

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