Gardening Questions

  1. The Pros and Cons of Male, Female, and Sterile Trees

    apple tree flower blossoms

    Trees with seeds and fruit have their benefits - and problems - that go along with them. Luckily, there are so many options available these days that it can be confusing when hearing all the various terminology that goes with plant options.


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  2. Light it Up With Yellow and Orange Flowering Perennials!

    Yellow and Orange Tulips

    Yellow or orange flowering perennials add a stunning sizzle to the landscape and are instant highlights to any garden or patio!

    Looking for something to plant in those hot spots in your yard? 

    Plant yellow and orange flowers in your

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  3. Understanding Grafted Plants and Rootstocks

    grated tree

    Many types of today's fruiting and flowering trees and shrubs have been grafted. As are many Shade and Ornamental trees, Evergreens, some Grapes, and some Roses are grafted onto rootstock.

    Why are so many plants grafted, what are the benefits,

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  4. How to Grow Your Own Olives!

    olive tree

    Savory briny Olives are a favorite snack and topping for many around the world! But did you know you can grow your own olives?

    Since ancient times, Olive trees (Olea) have been a staple in the Mediterranean landscape and diet. Capture the essence

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  5. Tropical Plant Care Indoors & Out!

    tropical plants

    Tropical greenery and live exotic plants add a verdant and unique texture and form to your home and outdoor rooms. If you are lucky to live in a warm climate that’s frost-free, decorate your landscape year-round!

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  6. The Newest Butterfly Bushes on the Block - Bufferfly Candy®!

    butterfly bush

    Irresistible to Butterflies (and Hummingbirds and bees too!) The newest garden and pollinator treat has hit the markets and will bring a

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  7. Garden To-Do’s to Accomplish This Spring!

    spring garden

    "Spring is the time of plans and projects." - Leo Tolstoy

    Spring is around the corner and it’s time to get those early garden chores started. The air may yet be chilly and the ground more mud than greenery, but there is plenty to do! Pave t

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  8. Best St. John's Wort Varieties and How to Care for Them

    st. johns wort in basket

    Sunny, uplifting, and decorative - the effervescent St. John’s Wort shrub is sure to provide you and your landscape with three seasons of appeal!

    People have used Hypericum flowers as herbal medicine to combat depression and decorate their landscapes f

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  9. Protecting Your Plants From Frost in Spring

    frozen dew flower

    First frost dates in the fall and last frost dates in the spring are based on recorded historical data - but remember - everyone will need to watch that ten-day forecast! (Then remember to keep checking it daily since even the ten-day forecast can change!)

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  10. Growing Salvia and Which Varieties to Try


    Wonderfully cold-hardy perennials, Salvia are pollinator-friendly, brightly colored, vertical growing flowering plants! Blooming from summer until frost in many cases, Salvia are easy to grow and vibrant herbaceous plants with loads of appeal!


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