Gardening Questions

  1. Plants That Flavor Drinks & Make Tea!


    Start a Tea Garden with double-purpose plants that flavor drinks and can be infused as healthy and tasty teas!

    Fruit, flowers, leaves, roots, bark, and even the seeds from many plants can make fantastic home-brewed herbal teas, as well as

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  2. Which Trees Grow the Fastest?


    Today’s homeowners are looking for trees with speedy growth rates to provide privacy and shade as soon as possible!

    But the Nature Hills horticultural team thinks you should consider a few more qualities before making your decision!

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  3. #ProPlantTips: Using Seed Mixes to Maximize Impact

    Seed Mixture Blog Header

    Introducing custom-blended Seed Mixes to easily create a Prairie or Native garden!

    A fantastic blend of regional wildflowers that grow natively over a wide range, you’ll enjoy their hardiness,

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  4. How To Identify Evergreen Trees Part 6: The Spruce Tree!

    spruce header

    There are so many wonderful varieties of evergreen trees around your neighborhood! Sometimes when you are out for a walk, the novice treehugger may call them all Pine trees, but with a few moments of inspection, you’ll see they are very different!

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  5. The Rabbit and Groundhog Resistant Landscape

    rabbit resistant header

    While these cute and fuzzy bunnies are wonderful to see hopping around the lawn, nibbling on clover and dandelions, it’s when they turn their voracious appetites on your landscaping that gardeners throw off the gloves and get ready to wage war!

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  6. Magical Weeping Trees & How To Care For Them!


    Nature Hills offers many unique and unusual ornamental trees for your landscape, but none are quite as captivating as a poetic Weeping Tree!

    Gorgeous and expressive throughout all four seasons of the year, these drooping or cascading ornamentals

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  7. How to Identify Evergreen Trees Part 5: The Cedar Tree


    Aromatic and outstanding evergreens, the Cedar is an impressive tree that adds their towering form to your landscape! While the layman on a nature walk may not be able to tell a Pine from a Juniper, there are many varieties of Evergreen trees out there,

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  8. 5 Spectacular Native Plants for the Southern Midwest

    southern midwest header

    With the arid environment that characterizes the Southwestern United States, plants must develop to withstand the brutal summer heat. These plants have developed to seek out and thrive in environments that would otherwise be inhospitable.

    In the

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  9. 5 Spectacular Native Plants for the Upper Midwest

    5 Astonishing Native Plants for the upper Midwest United States

    The Upper Midwest is home to some varied and unique scenery and landscapes! Much of the Midwest is known not only for its fertile cropland but also for its rolling hills and prairies.

    Today, we'll discuss five native plants from the Northern Midwest

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  10. 5 Astonishing Native Plants for the Southeast United States

    5 Astonishing Native Plants for the Southeast United StatesThe Southeast United States is home to some beautiful places to visit. These locations are home to some incredible native plants thriving with little recognition.

    Today, we'll talk about five native plants from the Southeast United States. Native

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