Fern Care

  1. #ProPlantTips: Growing & Caring for Ferns

    fern plant

    With soft and lush fronds, these living studies in symmetry and fractalization, the gorgeous Fern conjures images of fairy glens and magical forests! These diverse shade and moisture plants have a cooling and relaxing effect on any landscape setting!

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  2. The Life Cycle of Ferns

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    Verdant lush and lacy textured garden greenery, the graceful Fern conjures something a little different for everyone. From magical deep forests to get lost in, or spooky bogs and deep

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  3. Best Ferns For Your Home

    Boston Fern In Living Room

    Everyone longs for a plant that's easy to care for, elegant, and versatile in landscaping. You’ll be relieved to know that this picture-perfect plant is usually sitting right before your eyes.

    Ferns will be your new best friend w

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  4. Dividing Ferns Made Easy

    Multiple Ferns

    Many time when growing ferns and other types of plants, they become too large for their pot or basket. When this happens, the plant must be placed into a larger pot or basket in order for the plant to continue growth. On many occasions, however, a larger

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  5. How Much Do You Really Know About Ferns?

    Cinnamon ferns from far away

    What is a Fern Anyway? A fern is a leafy, flowerless plant that grows in areas of high moisture. Ferns are vascular plants, in that they have a complex internal vein structure that supplies nutrients to the outer regions of the plant. Ferns are different

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